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17 Of The Most WTF Things That Happened In Pakistan In 2017

17 Of The Most WTF Things That Happened In Pakistan In 2017

2017 was filled with some very weird moments that made us contemplate the world that we are living in. Here are some of the weirdest things that occurred in 2017 that will make you think WTF.


1. Blue Whale Suicide Game and how it scared everyone for a while

source: Mohammad Anzil/ Youtube

The Blue Whale Challenge spread all around the world this year, causing widespread distress with teenagers taking their lives over a game. A reported 150 suicides have been linked to this game.


2. Ejaz sahab

This Pakistani couple’s appearance on a game show was turned super sexual by Pakistanis this year. “Ejaz Sahab” was supposed to dunk as many balls as he could in the hole while trying to win a motorcycle on a game show. However, Pakistanis were very entertained by his wife’s commentary while she was supporting her husband.


3. Aasia Bibi poisoning her family to escape a forced marriage


21-year-old Aasia Bibi, who was forced to marry a 25-year-old named Amjad,  planned to escape the marriage and plotted to murder her husband by poisoning his milk. However, it all went wrong when her mother-in-law unknowingly used the milk to make a batch of lassi for the family. This young bride ended up poisoning an entire family (and killing 15) in an attempt to escape a forced marriage.


4. Careem’s Rishta Auntie gimmick


So Careem launched a rishta auntie car ride this year and people could not handle it. Careem claimed to offer individuals the ‘halal’ way to find the right person – all by sitting through the ride with an actual rishta auntie bombarding you with uncomfortable questions – sounds fun!


5. Goras copying LITERALLY everything desi


From turning haldi doodh into turmeric latte’s, tikka’s into “chandelier hair clips”  to using gota kaam on shirts and designing kambal handbags – gora’s were definitely inspired by desi’s this year.


6. Pakistanis going cray after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif


Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as the Prime Minister of the country this year and people all over the country lost their minds. From chanting “gone Nawaz gone” to dancing in the streets, Pakistani’s were ecstatic.


7. Auntie Gormint who was discovered by the internet this year


This very honest aunty went CRAZY VIRAL this year with just that one line: Ye bik gayi hai gormint. Not just nationally, but this auntie was internationally recognized and applauded all over the world.


8. That weird AF Slanty ban controversy


Sad news for all the Slanty lovers out there – The Punjab Food Authority has asked manufacturers to get rid of all their colorful Slanty stock by October 1st, 2017 as it has been banned in Punjab for being “unhygienic.”


9. Smog in Lahore… AGAIN


Lahore was blanketed in a thick haze of pollutant smog yet again this year and people were very frustrated. They went on to blame India, the government, cars, animals, etc. Once again, the issue held no priority in the eyes of our leaders.


10. Uncle Majboor and Rabia


Uncle Majboor gained mega popularity when a phone call he had with a woman named “Rabia” was recorded and leaked on the internet. Famous lines from Uncle Majboor: “Rabiya mujhe chordo” and “Meri jan nikal jandi hai“.


11. Ludo star obsession

source: Ludo Star/ Facebook

This year, Ludo Star brought our childhood game back to life. People were addicted to and completely obsessed with the game – resulting in new friendships, marriages, heartbreaks, and more.


12. The never ending drama that was Faryal and Amir’s personal life


Between their very public family drama, twitter war, to Amir filing for divorce, Faryal getting pregnant, to them getting back together – no one could keep up with this couple without getting a huge migraine.


13. Pakistan’s obsession with Sarahah


People became obsessed with this weird app where you could send anonymous messages – basically every stalker, troll, or tharki’s dream. However, once people found out that the app was secretly uploading their information, the craze died as fast as it got popular.


14. When students fanned the sun the get rid of garmi


FCC students came up with the perfect solution for garmi this year and created an event where everyone gathered to “fan” the sun so the weather wouldn’t be as hot.


15. Torturing Innocent Biryani


2017 was the year of torturing desi food – especially biryani. Biryani pizza, pasta biryani, pizza chai, the list could go on. But biryani ka koi mazak nahi hai.


16. People’s obsession with more stupid Facebook events like Rabia mujhe chor do

Via: Facebook


17. And the ever-dramatic Aamir Liaquat’s fake AF airplanes that we’re still waiting to be awarded to the winners


What did you think was the weirdest thing to happen this year?


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