More Than 30,000 People Are Marching To Hania's House To Demand ‘Justice For Asim Azhar’ And, Like WTF?

By Noor | 15 Jul, 2020

Justice for Asim Azhar? But for what?

So by now, almost everyone knows the entire saga of the alleged friendzoning of Asim Azhar. As soon as Hania Aamir described the bond she shares with Asim, internet trolls and their fans completely lost it. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this has been quite possibly the biggest topic of meme fodder for this whole week, so far.


People on social media have gone an extra mile demanding Justice for Asim Azhar by marching toward Hania Aamir’s home this Sunday

Clearly these fans could not really handle the revelation made by Hania Aamir in her conversation with Aima Baig. The actress is being dragged on all the social media platforms. She even addressed the matter to ensure that the things cool down on social media but these obsessive fans are adamant to not let it go.

Bhai trolling ki bhi aik limit hoti hai,ย don’t make things “too real”.ย Mazaak ko mazaak hee rehne do.


The event has more than 30,000 people who are looking to demand justice for Asim Azhar

Around 5000 people have already confirmed their availability. As per the plan shared by the host of the march, the event will be held in Karachi.

Via: Facebook


There are also people who’re becoming uncomfortable by how real this is becoming and defending Hania

They’re urging others to stop going overboard with the trolling.


They have mentioned that no one knows the actual story and while Hania and Asim are celebrities they shouldn’t be held accountable for their decisions

They have rightfully stated that no one has a right to interfere in their personal matters and both the celebrities should be given some space.

At the same time, when celebrities choose to comment on their personal lives in public, does it make it okay for the public to share their opinion on it?

We understand how the revelation by Hania has broken the hearts of many fans but maybe we should understand that trolling and joking is good only when it’s done in fun. Going extremely real, by actually interfering with someone’s real legit life may just be the line that we shouldn’t cross.

What are your thoughts about the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


Parody Accounts Of Hania & Asim Are Trolling Each Other And Honestly, This Is Next Level


Cover image via:@asimazhar via Instagram / Facebook

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