Monal's Management Has Responded To Rumors Of The Restaurant Shutting Down

By Janita Tahir | 16 Nov, 2019

Recently, Islamabadis got a major scare when rumors of Monal, the restaurant in Islamabad, shutting down hit social media. A CDA official had talked to a national assembly committee and explained how they were unaware that the restaurant was built on military property. They also stated that the restaurant will be vacated and the land will be given back to the army.


Islamabadis were heartbroken after hearing the news

There were a lot of outraged reactions to the news. People were pissed that one of their favorite eateries was shutting down suddenly. Some were cynical about the fact that a restaurant was built on the National Wildlife Park and no one had objected until almost 15 years later. They did not want Monal to be shut down and they took to social media to express their grievances.







However, it seems like the news was incorrect.

Islamabadis, fret not! The Monal management took to Facebook and other social media to respond to the rumors. They said that all this shutting down talk was unwarranted and that the restaurant’s operations will continue to take place smoothly.



So, the final word is: Monal isn’t shutting down after all! Islamabadis, are you relieved? Let us know in the comments.


The Whole Of Islamabad Is Heartbroken Because Monal Is Being Shut Down, Possibly


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