Here's How Fans Are Reacting After Hamza Ali Abbasi Announced His Retirement

By Astarte | 15 Nov, 2019

Fans of Hamza Ali Abbasi have a lot to say

Celebrity fans are some of the most vocal communities. Nope, they’re not a community, they’re a cult. We see celebrities like Taylor Swift wielding immense power to galvanize their millions of fans with one simple comment. Here in Pakistan too, celebrities have fans who are absolutely madly obsessed with their favorite celebrities. Fans of Hamza Ali Abbasi in particular are very loudly vocal.


So, Hamza Ali Abbasi announced last night that he’s quitting acting to focus on spreading his faith

In a long statement, Hamza made a YouTube video where he addressed that he has had a personal journey from being an atheist to a person who is on his path to being a consistently practising Muslim. He also shared that, going forward, he is putting a “pause” on his career as an actor in order to pursue spending his life as someone who discusses and spreads Islam.

source: Hamza Ali Abbasi/ YouTube

Hamza said he that he isn’t exactly quitting showbiz because he would continue to make the kind of TV and movie projects that align with his moral compass going forward.


Since the actor’s announcement he has quickly became the biggest conversation on Pakistani social media

Of course, the actor’s message resonated with many people and fans of Hamza Ali Abbasi took to social media to express their opinions about the dramatic announcement by the actor.

Via: Twitter


Fans of Hamza Ali Abbasi are absolutely losing their shit at the huge announcement

Many of the fans of Hamza Ali Abbasi are praying for the actor’s chosen path to be one where he finds peace.


Some are finding comfort in the fact that he will still have his YouTube channel so people can get their Hamza Ali Abbasi fix from videos he’ll be posting there


Others have hope that he will return


There are, of course, some detractors who couldn’t help but think Hamza may be making this announcement for ulterior motives


Over all, people are sharing their wishes for Hamza Ali Abbasi to have a successful future

Honestly, we have to say we’re not exactly shocked by this announcement because back in October Hamza Ali Abbasi had himself said that he a “journey” has come to an end and that he would be making an announcement at the end of that month. While the end of October came and went without an announcement, Hamza released his video last night to put all speculation to rest.

Whatever path he has chosen for himself may he find the peace that we’re looking for as humans.


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Cover image via: Hamza Ali Abbasi / YouTube

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