Momina Mustehsan Just Kickstarted This Year's Ramazan And…MashAllah

By Sarah Babar | 5 May, 2018

So, there’s news about Momina Mustehsan. Guess where you’ll hear it first? Of COURSE us! Well, because

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And we know y’all are secretly jealous because

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While she’s always in the news or on our timelines on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else, Momina has been off the singing grid for a while. She did lend her support to Meesha Shafi during the whole controversy, but we hadn’t heard anything from her musically. But it feels like Momina heard all of our gilley shikwey and she’s back, in a a really good way.


If you remember, last year, Momina recited a kalam for all of us which literally made us love her more



And this year, she’s back with another kalam 

Source: Wajahat Rauf/Facebook

Momina has officially kickstarted Ramadan for us with this, and we can’t wait to hear the full version. She’s recreating Najam Sheraz’s “Na Tera Khuda Koi Aur Hai Na Mera Khuda Koi Aur Hai”. The video is directed by ace director Wajahat Rauf. And even within the brief 23 second glimpse it has managed to leave a smile on our faces!


You guys seem to love it already, too, cuz…

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Well this is humaare dil ki baat

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So did we, sir, so did we

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Same tho

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It’s almost like we wrote this tweet ourselves

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Hear it for yourself here and let us know what you think! Okay byeee ~



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