Momina Mustehsan Just Asked Ali Zafar An Important Question About Harassment And We All Want The Answer

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Apr, 2018

Momina Mustehsan has been a vocal supporter of women empowerment, recently. She has stood up in support of women speaking up, being involved in the workplace and generally being badass. While she did face some criticism in the past over her views about Qandeel Baloch but as long as a person’s views evolve, or we agree to disagree respectfully, it’s all good.


So, Momina has added her voice to the debate over sexual harassment following Meesha Shafi’s allegations against Ali Zafar

Momina, who has been friendly with Ali Zafar and his family, has spoken in support of the accusers being able to raise their concerns and for men who do harass women to be accountable for their behavior.


People were applauding Momina for speaking up


But there were some skeptics who felt that she may have made a vague statement, maybe because of her personal relationship to Ali Zafar


And to everyone who has any doubts, Momina just responded by making clear her allegiances in a powerful question to Ali Zafar

And she’s being lauded for her courage.


But there are those who feel that the question may be a bit too general for an accurate, honest answer from Ali Zafar


The debate that the accusation of Meesha Shafi has started is a very important one. It’s high time that victims who have suffered harassment at the hands of powerful men and women find a safe space to be able to get the perverts to justice without facing backlash or victim-blaming.

Unfortunately, what’s happening to Meesha right now, and other less famous accusers of Ali and other powerful individuals, is a source of great embarrassment. One may or may not agree with the accusation but as someone who’s not involved in the situation, we have no right to pass judgment whether or not someone’s experience is valid.


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