Pakistanis Are Sending Mohsin Abbas Haider Messages Of Support After He Revealed His Depression Online

By Arslan Athar | 28 Jan, 2019

Update: Mohsin Abbas Haider has taken down the status referred to in this article.  


Mohsin Abbas Haider has always been seen performing to his utter best on screen, from his funny roles in ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ to his horrifyingly amazing adaption of Dabeer in ‘Meri Guriya’, the actor has proven his skills in the entertainment world. When we see someone like Mohsin, as happy as he is on his daily performance on the hit show ‘Mazaaq Raat’, we never think that he’s ‘going through stuff’, because of his personality and ability to entertain. It’s easy to forget that Mohsin has had a tough year, personally, and it seems as though it has gotten to him.

Mohsin Abbas Haider shared a concerning status update earlier today.


He couldn’t have said this in as clear words, Mohsin is depressed and he definitely feels like he’s losing his footing.

Reading this message from the actor set off signals all over social media, resulting in an outpouring of love. 


People are praying that Mohsin feels better soon and seeks the help he needs.


While calls were made to get the actor help.


People were telling others to go on Instagram and send him some love and support.


Someone was also able to get through to him, to make sure he’s alright. 


Fans were sending him good wishes and loads and loads of love. 

Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Other Pakistani celebrities also sent their love for the actor. 

Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


As we’ve seen over this past year, depression is really scary and can affect anyone. There are never signs, but the person dealing with it knows the pain and the struggle. It takes a lot to admit, that too so publically, that you’re going through depression. Clearly, Mohsin has gone through a lot. A statement like ‘Depression is all set to kill me soon’ is no joke, nor is it something to be taken lightly. Just because someone is famous, it doesn’t mean that their life is sorted.

Mohsin spends a lot of time, daily, to put a smile on people’s faces, so the least we can all do it send out a message of love and support- make him feel like he matters, make him feel loved; it’s the first and the most important step in getting over depression.

Mohsin, you are so so so loved by so many people. You are loved, valued and treasured- you aren’t alone in this. We’re all here for you.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram

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