Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Role As A Rapist Is Proof That He’s A Fantastic Actor Who Deserves More

By Arslan Athar | 10 Oct, 2018

Mohsin Abbas Haider has slowly been making a name for himself in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Recently he gave a stellar performance in ‘Meri Guriya’. After watching the show myself, I had a constant question nagging me; the man is super talented, but why isn’t he a bigger star.

You might know the actor from his well-known part in the hit comedy show, ‘Mazaak Raat’.

That wasn’t the actor’s first gig. In multiple interviews, he revealed that he was always drawn to the stage and theatre to be particular. As he gained more experience, he was able to make the transition to TV. The first time a lot of people were introduced to the actor was on the comedy show ‘Banana News Network’ or BNN for short.

Source: AAJ NEWS

His comedic role in that show really put him on the map. This was a time in Pakistan when the security situation wasn’t the best, and people needed something to laugh at. There was a shortage of comedy shows, which is why BNN really took off, really helping Mohsin Abbas Haider and his career.

He had a few years on the down-low, at least TV-wise, but came back as the ever-popular DJ at ‘Mazaakraat’, thereby giving him the platform and the audience he needed to become a true star. 

Source: Express


Due to his experience at BNN and ‘Mazakraat’, Mohsin was mostly offered comedic roles, especially in film. He really came to the fore as an ‘actor’ with her performance in the ‘Na Maalom Afraad’ franchise. In his interviews, the actor revealed that he did enjoy doing those roles, but for him, his focus was on more serious roles that really established him as a good actor.

Source: ARY Films


This brings us to his performance in both ‘Meri Guriya’ and ‘Lashkara’. 

The actor takes a lot of pride in his work in both dramas, however, rates his performance in ‘Meri Guriya’ higher as it was a challenging role that required him to really work hard. His role was challenging, he was playing a child rapist and a murderer, however, he did justice to the part. His body movements, his demeanor and his expressions would send chills down your spine. He truly brought the character to life, you felt like ‘Dabeer’ was real and honestly, you just wanted to beat him up for what all he did; in my books, that’s a mark of a good actor.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment

His role as Dabeer was multi-faceted and he brought each one of those sides to life beautifully. He was a shy man, who couldn’t defend himself, yet he imposed himself on little girls. He presented himself as an innocent man, who was easily swayed, keeping the other side of his personality hidden.

In his recent ‘One Take’ interview, Mohsin revealed that for him, his legacy as an actor, a serious actor to be precise, is more important than anything else. His sole purpose for entering the industry was to grow as an actor and an entertainer; he feels he can do that with serious roles and serious dramas.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment

Hopefully, these shows and his performance in them help the flow of more serious acting roles towards him. He’s proven himself to be a great comedic actor and he’s proven to be a great serious actor too.  Mohsin clearly deserves to have more screen time and more recognition for his abilities and talents as an actor.

What do you think of Mohsin Abbas Haider and his acting skills? Let us know if you’re as big a fan of him as we are.


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