Mohsin Abbas Haider Just Opened Up For The First Time After His Scary Experience With Depression

By Arslan Athar | 30 Jan, 2019

A few days ago, Pakistani actor, singer, and DJ, Mohsin Abbas Haider posted a status across all his social media accounts. The message had to do with his mental health and depression. The gravity of his status caused a lot of people to be concerned about his well being, and that resulted in a massive outpouring of love and support for the actor. Mohsin has since taken down the post from his socials.

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Late last night, the actor posted a video to Instagram talking about his mental health very openly.

Mohsin began his video by thanking everyone for their messages of love and support. He talks about how everyone goes through such phases of suffering and sadness in their lives. Mohsin elaborates and talks about how sometimes we share our problems and how, when he shared that he was suffering, it really helped him out.



He also says: “Mein aksar apne personal life ke baaray mein share nahin karta magar jab mein end pe pohanch gaya tou meinay bhi share kiya”.  (I usually do not share details of my personal life, but when I reached rock bottom, I was compelled to do so)

Again, he expresses a lot of gratitude to everyone who showed concern and lent their support; from fans to people in the industry who came out to support him.

This is the entire video:


The main take away from his experience and his video message has to be that, no matter how down or defeated you’re feeling, you aren’t alone- all you need to do is speak up! 



Also, fans continued to show their love and thanked Mohsin for opening up. 

Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Mohsin Abbas Haider definitely took a very bold and brave step when he came forward with his experience with depression. Like we’ve said before, doing this takes a lot of courage, but as Mohsin himself said, speaking about it helped him get better. When you openly talk about your mental health, you gain power over it. If you keep it to yourself, depression or any other mental health condition can take over you, and that is a scary situation.

More power to you, Mohsin. And here’s hoping people learn from your experience and learn to take control back over their mental health.

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