Modi's BJP Just Made A Propaganda Video Dissing The Anti-CAA Crowds & Everyone's Trolling It

By Noor | 27 Dec, 2019

The BJP propaganda video is so bad it’s good

Introduction of the Citizenship Amendment Act in India has caused quite the controversy. Large numbers of civil society members are protesting against this act being discriminatory toward Muslims. The protestors are asserting that CAA is a threat to democracy ingrained in the social fabric of Indian society which the Modi led Government is destroying.


The Modi Government’s BJP, the ruling party in India, responded to the ongoing protests by making a hilarious propaganda video

Source: @BJP4India/Twitter

The video shows a conversation between an ex-CAA  protestor and a non-protestor. The ex-CAA protestor argued that the incomplete knowledge about the bill has led to the inability of comprehending the bill and the protests are the product of it.

The video claimed that the people are a part of the protests to ensure that they are considered the ‘cool’ ones in the discussions in the new year parties.

Moreover, it accused the people with Islamic mindset of  thwarting the democratic processes in the country.


The BJP made propaganda video is so funny that it immediately went viral upon release


People can’t stop trolling the video because of how stupid it is


Even Indians can’t stop trolling this hilarious BJP -made propaganda video

They literally had the time of their lives by trolling the ‘actors’ in the video and argued that the richest party in India didn’t have a decent budget to get some good actors.


People were curious to know how this video would inspire the BJP to maybe get more creative with future propaganda videos

A Modi animated cartoon sounds like an interesting idea, right?


Some people actually suggested that a better storyline and an experienced director could have helped to make a better video


Others compared how even TikTok videos are much more highly produced than this BJP -made propaganda video

Huh, becharay TikTok ka kiya kasoor iss mein?

It’s hilarious how powerful people would go to any extent to maintain their dominance. This one’s for every powerful entity trying to oppress any voices of dissent because they’re afraid of discourse.


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Cover image via: / @BJP4India via Twitter

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