Misogynist Tate Got Arrested And The Internet Is Saying ‘We Told You So’

By Shanzeh Jalali | 30 Dec, 2022

What color is your jail costume? Is orange the new red?

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Women are a man’s property, can’t drive, and belong in the household, according to Andrew Tate. According to films shared online, he dates women in their 18s and 19s so that he may “make an impression” on them and believes that rape victims must “carry responsibility” for their assaults. Domestic violence organizations have characterized Tate’s opinions as extreme misogyny, capable of radicalizing men and boys to perpetrate damage offline.

The 35-year-old, however, is not an eccentric figure hiding in a hidden location on the dark web. Instead, his movies on TikTok, where 11.6 billion people have watched them, make him one of the most well-known celebrities there.

What Sparked The Situation Between Him And Greta?

Greta is a Swedish activist who talks about climate change. On the other hand, Tate thinks that ‘You cannot stop the Sun from getting more hot’. 

source: Google

Recently on Twitter Andrew tagged Thunberg in a tweet flexing his cars and telling her about the carbon emissions they produce on average. Greta’s reply to him started it all.

source: Google

Becoming the most liked Tweet on Twitter it also infuriated Tate to which he made a video reply to her. The video had a pizza box indicating to authorities he is in Romania where he was arrested for human trafficking. Following a search of their properties in Bucharest, prosecutors from the anti-organized crime unit announced that Tate and his brother Tristan, who have been blocked from many social media sites for making hateful and misogynistic remarks, will be detained for 24 hours along with two Romanian suspects.

source: Google

Netizens are mad and say they saw it coming. Andrew’s hate speech towards women and minorities isn’t a surprise to many people. The way he talks about women and money is a clear indication of him being viable to something such as sex trafficking. The allegations against Tate and his brother point to the fact that this is one of the inhumane things they make money off of.

source: Google

The question now is: Will people finally stop idolizing him?

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