Minister Faisal Vawda Is Being Trolled For Arriving In His ‘Saada' Yellow Luxury Car At An Event Yesterday

By Rameeza Ahmad | 11 Feb, 2019

Faisal Vawda is, let’s just say, a “colorful character

First off, he really just has a fleet of sports vehicles, doesn’t he? Just a little while ago, a video of Faisal Vawda riding a heavy motorbike went viral.

People were incredibly annoyed since they thought the minister was showing off and using his security detail for all the wrong reasons since he was inconveniencing other people.

And then his ‘heroic’ gesture with his own assault weapon at the Chinese embassy when terrorists attacked it which was majorly ridiculed by people who believed he was just getting in the way of trained professionals and their operation.


Once again, the minister has come under fire for pictures of him riding a yellow luxury car to arrive during an event


A lot of people were upset about the fact that Imran Khan was preaching about ‘saadgi’ while one of his ministers was roaming around in expensive cars

While some joked about how it looked like a car from the yellow taxi scheme.


Other compared him to an action hero in jest.


But some people wanted to point out how it should not matter because the minister probably bought it with his own money since his wealth is no secret


And that led to questions and speculations about his wealth

And while that is all good and well, we should know that the government has been peddling a narrative of how government officials should be simple and should curb their expenditures and then a minister shows up in a car that costs more than an average Pakistani would make in a lifetime.

Well, to each their own I suppose.


So what was the event Minister Vawda arrived in style for?

It was a Karachi Kings event that was hosted by the owner of the franchise, Salman Iqbal, who also happens to be the CEO of ARY network.


What do you think about Faisal Vawda arriving in such an expensive car for the function, given he’s a minister during the times of “austerity”, as announced by the Government? Let us know in the comments.


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