Minal Khan Shared How Aiman's Marriage Affected Her And It'll Give You ALL The Feels

By Sannia Bilal | 9 Sep, 2019

Among other things, Minal Khan shares how Aiman’s marriage impacted her.

Minal Khan was invited to Samina Peerzada’s famous online show ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’ as a guest and she revealed some cute details about her relationship with her twin sister Aiman Khan. In her conversation with Samina, she unveiled that she and Aiman are not the only twins in her family. They have twin brothers as well who are younger than them.

Minal said that over the years, both of them have developed a bond which doesn’t quite consist of any kind of sibling rivalry.

Their likes and dislikes line up, and they often share the same outfits multiple times. Moreover, every time one of them needs a shoulder to lean on, the other one feels a slight tinge and comes to the rescue.

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Minal also said that she doesn’t like to share too much information about her life on social media because of her belief in the evil eye. 

She still does so quite a number of times since her fans, friends and family are all looking forward to keep track of her life. She also said that it’s not worth the distress to step in the industry without the endorsement of one’s parents. Both of them started their career at the age of five when one of their father’s friends approached them at a gathering and offered them to audition for a commercial.


Source: Dot Republic Media Creatorsone


Moreover, she revealed how hard it was for her to accept the absence of Aiman in her house and in her room but she had to cope with her emotions and stay strong.

She said she wanted Aiman to settle down in her life easily and that could be the reason why she had to act as strong as she did through that time. She had to take charge and support her family like Aiman did before she got married. She also said that Aiman and Minal have both worked very hard all their lives and they have successfully managed to present their parents with a house of their own. They’ve both set up everything on their own and now they think they have achieved everything.

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Further on in the interview, Minal mentioned that she likes to be friends with her seniors on-set so she can learn from their experiences.

Minal said she would rather be friends with those who have reached certain goals in their lives that she eventually would want to achieve. Moreover, she looks up to them and learns from them how they manage their work and life. She also said that sometimes when she’s in her personal space with her family, she likes to enjoy that time without having to take pictures with their fans, especially when she’s approached by a fan in a hospital. She said sometimes, she wants to have a normal life.

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Minal is also looking forward to work in the field of make-up in the years to come. We might be able to see her name popping up on a salon in the near future.

You can watch the whole thing here:


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