Middle Class Pakistani: 13 Intense Struggles Only You Can Relate To

By Rameeza Ahmad | 7 Jun, 2019

Where my middle-class Pakistani kids at?

Being a middle-class kid means you live your life in the mid-ground. While there are things you aren’t too broke for, there are also a lot of things that you cannot afford. And walking the line between both of them is quite a struggle. So if you’re a kid from the Pakistani middle-class, I am sure you can relate to a lot of these struggles.


1. You study the menu for fancy-ish restaurants before you go with friends your friends so you can calculate the money you’ll need, tax and all

Via: Tumblr


2. You leech off of your friend’s Netflix subscription

Or better yet, you just use torrents instead.


3. By now you have planned 1793182312 vacations with your friends but it never pans out because none of you ever have enough money

Do Single Men Make Less Money Married Ones? - InsideHook

4. Your mother keeps plastic shopping bags from every single store she’s ever been to

Plastic Shopping Bags Wholesale In Pakistan | The Art of Mike Mignola

5. The extensive research you put in before you purchase an electronic item is your special skill

For a lot of people, it’s merely a choice between iPhone and Samsung but for you, it’s about getting the best phone in your budget and the brand isn’t as important. It just has to be very, very reliable.

Confusion rains on US cloud consumers, suggests Citrix research | Cloud Pro

6. You get very excited about ‘family outings’ because they only happen once in a blue moon

Source/ Shutterstock

7. You have a constant inner battle of whether you should book an AC wali Careem and forgo lunch at college or take a rickshaw and actually eat

Garmiyon mein you usually forgo lunch.


8. You save all one and two rupee coins you receive as change because combined they become a bigger number and you can buy bigger things

Rupee ,Currency of Pakistan ( Coins ) | amir taj | Flickr

9. You only shop at the end of the season when everything is on sale

Why pay full price when it’ll be down to half in a month, right?!

Source/ more.videos.icu

10. Your hangouts with your friends are usually limited to places with the cheapest food or even just chai

Honestly, who needs anything else when there’s chai. 

Source/ Gifer

11. Every time prices increase for things you have a tiny heart attack because you will have to tighten your belts even more

Source/ Gifer

12. You and the whole family sleep in one room during the summers because AC aik hee kamray mein chalatay hain

Source: Baji Please/ Twitter

13. You constantly feel guilty about being ungrateful because there are those who don’t even have what you have

And your parents will never fail to remind you of it.

Via Tumblr

But it’s okay, life is not all bad for us middle-class Pakistani folks. We still manage to have a hell of a time and that too in a ~sensible~ budget.


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