13 Intense Struggles That You Go Through Only If You've Ever Taken The CSS Exams

By Noor | 13 Apr, 2019

CSS exams can be intense but you’re not alone

Upon graduating from the university, irrespective of the discipline of your degree, the most common advice you get is CSS dai do. We understand that being a CSS aspirant is not as easy as it sounds and the decreasing ratio of passing candidates usually discourage quite a few but the historic prestige associated with being a “bureaucrat” is always a little too enticing.

Here are a few struggles that you can relate to if you currently are, or ever been in the position of, preparing for your CSS exams:


1. Right off the bat, you struggle with parhna kiya hai aur kahan se start karna hai

What with the vast scope of the syllabus and an even larger scope of the subjects to choose from, it is natural to get intimidated just at the thought of beginning the preparation. You always question yourself, “optional subjects konsay rakhun?!”

A lot of the aspirants who are new into this ‘thing’ often struggle to select the right optional subjects for themselves but it’s okay, talking to people around you and considering your strengths is the best way to go about it. NEVER DO WHAT WORKED FOR OTHERS! It may not work for you.

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2. You will soon realize that you have no social life anymore

Family functions, Birthdays, Dinners and get-togethers all are a NO-GO zone for you.

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3. All the sleep deprivation will turn you into a zombie

You miss your sleep, you work tirelessly to achieve your daily targets and you might have become a chimgaadhar because you finally hit the bed when everyone else is waking up.

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4. You get advice from anyone and everyone about the best “hack” for CSS exams

There’s a lot of confusion regarding what to study and what NOT to study. Aspirants usually face a lot of trouble while selecting the perfect book, choosing whether to go to a tuition center, finding a routine or even just finding the motivation to go through with the exams. All the advice from everyone can absolutely get confusing.

It’s okay, relax. It’s a frickin’ exam not the end of the world. Your value is more than just your exams so suno sab ki (because you can’t stop people from giving their “advice”), karo khud ki.

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5. Practicing that essay will be the death of you

If you have been preparing for the CSS exams then you know what I’m talking about. We’re all in this together, just do your best.

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6. You will drown under all those those notes you end up making

You literally keep on writing and jotting down stuff for hours. Haath dukh jatay hain!

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7. It gets impossible to come up with a ‘perfect’ schedule for your CSS exams prep

It gets difficult to include ALL 12 subjects in a schedule but you know you can do this, if you really want to take the exam for your own self.

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8. You miss having a weekend because you don’t even get to have a break on Sundays

The lengthy syllabus makes sure that you utilize your Sundays too thus you usually prefer to work on every single day.

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9. You miss your friends

Because you have no social life the friends who aren’t in the CSS prep routine with you will mostly be cut off from you because you’re living a different life now. The nerd life.

But you know what? Don’t be so hard on yourself. Every once in a while, find time for the things you like or people you want to meet because itna bojh daalo gae dimaagh pe toh pighal jaega. Take a rest!

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10. Checking off all the items off your daily to-do list while prepping for your CSS exams is SO ANNOYING

Your schedules are inflexible hence you have to follow a fixed routine to ensure that you don’t miss work.

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11. You have to always stay updated with the news that you’re even having your meals while scrolling the news app

You become an excellent multi-tasker and your entire day is more or less about CSS.

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12. There’s at least going to one subject for your CSS exams that you’ll hate the most

Despite being a pro at most of your subjects, there’s always going to be one subject that you’ll find difficult to study.

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13. By the end of the CSS exams prep you’ll become a caffeine addict

Caffeine becomes an integral part of your daily intake and you usually forget to count the daily cups of your chai/coffee. But it’s okay, guess it’s your preparation for the “bureaucrat” life because daftar mein bhi har waqt chai hee peeni hai phir.

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We hope that you found these struggles when taking CSS exams super-relatable because this is what every CSS aspirant struggles with. Just know that every student has their strengths, you try your best but don’t beat yourself over it.

Let us know if you have any other struggles you want to share with us and good luck to those who’re going to appear for the exams. Happy studying! 🙂


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