15 Things You Can Absolutely Relate To If You're The Parhakoo Of Your Group

By Hurmat Riaz | 22 Jul, 2017

If you’re someone who enjoys studying, reading and gaining knowledge then you know how much people cannot stand your existence. Well, it’s because your aura is too bright to handle for the rest of the world around you. Here are some struggles you can identify with if you think that you’re a parhakoo.


1. You get sad when you don’t get extra work

Because homework helps you to “bewitch the mind, bottle fame and brew glory.”

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

2. You give yourself pep talk because you can’t bear never being the best

Because you know that nerds rule the world.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

3. You cannot stand people who’re doing something wrong in front of you

You’ve to take deep breaths in the company of such people.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

4. And you feel like you have no competition, among your friends

“I’m surrounded by idiots.”

Source: Heyday Films

5. It frustrates you when you see your friends doing such a shitty job

And it’s also getting on your nerves.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

6. But you sometimes take their knowledge and brains for granted

But you don’t care about it because you know that you’re learning more.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

7. You’re always rushing to the class to sit at the front

Because you learn the most when you sit at the front. Seedha teacher ki nazron mein. That’s how the teacher remembers you as well.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

8. You enjoy exams because they test your brain

Oh you love mental exercises!

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

9. Your friends don’t get your enthusiasm about knowledge

Knowledge is power, people!

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

10. You’re always way ahead on your course

And it makes your friends angry AF.

Source: Chuck Lorre Productions / Warner Bros. Television

11. You love taking tests because this is how you know how much you learned

But your friends don’t understand how much important it is!

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

12. Not getting a perfect grade actually depresses you

WHY NOT 100%???

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

13. So you always have a row with your teacher to increase your score

And it annoys the shit out of your friends.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

14. People think that libraries are boring but you know that’s not the case. 😉

You know here you’ll find the one here.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

15. Because you’re the smart, brainy one it always gives you an edge over everyone else

It’s hard to say no to a nerd.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


What’s life like for you as a parhakoo?

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