Here's Why Men Get Depressed And Suicidal More Than Women When Their Relationships End

By Alveena Jadoon | 14 Jan, 2018

It is very normal for people to cherish their relationships with their significant others. Everyone hopes for a little love in their lives.  However, it is very difficult for people when these relationships end. People invest a lot of time and energy into their relationships, and it breaks them down when those relationships do not work out.

We have often heard that men have a difficult time getting over their relationships



This medical practitioner, Naveed Bey, took to Twitter to explain what he had witnessed during his career in such cases

According to him, he has witnessed several cases of men being extremely depressed with suicidal tendencies after their relationships end. This is especially true if there is no chance of reconciliation and their partner has moved on.

He says that there is a pattern in such relationships, which is very easy to highlight

The men are usually emotionally unstable and as a result, the women end up enduring a lot for months and years. Due to the constant support of the woman, the man believes that he can keep on pushing the boundaries.

Men start to believe that their behaviour is acceptable and the woman will never leave

This leads to constant outbursts and the men believe that the women are okay with it but deep down the situation is very different. They are slowly starting to move away.

It is a complete shock to them when the women leave

Since they start to think that their behaviour is okay, they never think the women will leave. And when they do, it completely shocks them. They at first deny the entire thing, then make accusations and get angry. When the situation actually makes sense to them and the guilt sets in, it is too late to make amends.

While this is not the reality of everyone, it is certainly a very important aspect for people to consider. No body wants their relationships to not work out and it is extremely difficult to accept when you are on the wrong side, but this is how we grow as human beings.


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