We Asked Pakistanis About Their “Memorable” Driving Experiences And The Answers Were Scary

By MangoBaaz Studio | 18 Feb, 2018

Let’s just agree that Pakistanis tend to be a little reckless on the road especially while driving. Spend a day in the great outdoors and you’ll see pedestrians crossing the roads left, right and center – Drivers with cars, motorbikes, trucks, lorries, rickshaws and the likes swerving in high speeds. Not only does that emulate a post-apocalyptic scene but is a complete safety hazard. A recent campaign by Shell Helix talked about the need to follow safety rules on the roads which is a much needed effort.


To figure out just how deep the problem was, we asked Pakistanis to talk about incidents involving bad drivers and road rage. Here’s what we got:

A case of extreme road rage.


Scary incidents such as these.



Trigger alert: Actual footage of a head-on collision.


Utter irresponsibility


Living on the edge in the worst way…


And some much needed comedy in the middle of all that driving.

That “andhay ho kya?”, though.


Understanding the need for this social movement, many celebrities have joined in to stress upon the need for being responsible while driving.

From Shahid Afridi’s pledge to never use his mobile behind the wheel.


To Javed Sheikh wearing a seat belt at all times.

It’s time to take ownership! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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It’s about time we snap out of this ignorance.

Let’s be aware! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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Let’s snap out of this recklessness!! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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And take the pledge to drive safely and responsibly.


The campaign by Shell Helix is encouraging each and every one of us to take a simple pledge. One that we should be taking regardless in order to ensure that we return home safely to our loved ones and extend the same courtesy to our fellow travelers on the road. Share your own pledges and let’s hope to make Pakistani roads more safe for everyone.

Are there any incidents you’d like to mention owing to bad drivers? What pledge are you taking? Let us know in the comments section below.

This post has been sponsored by Shell Helix.

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