These Two Friends Made A Ridiculous PSL Bet And The Internet Is Dying To See What Happens

By Biya Haq | 18 Feb, 2018

Pakistan Super League, AKA, PSL is coming up towards the end of this month and fans are starting to get rallied up for the matches that are to come.


There’s nothing like some good cricket talk to get Pakistanis hyped up.

Well, these two friends took their excitement to a whole new level when they publically announced their own PSL bet on Twitter.


Could you imagine having to shave your hair completely off!? And for something you have absolutely NO control of!? Now that, my friends, is complete dedication.

Source: IRK Films

But also like, you’re a boy, your hair will grow back in a month.

ANYWAY, the tweet went completely viral and garnered a ton of attention from Pakistanis all over the Twittersphere.

Like us, most this user couldn’t believe that this would actually work.

To which, Zameer, most seriously responded:

Chills. ~

Agreed! You won’t find truer fans anywhere else, mashAllah.


OoOOoooOOh, now THAT would be interesting.

Yeh waisay point banta hai.

Yes, let’s please address this very large loophole. We want heads shaved, that is all.


Source: 1Live Via: Giphy

^ *All of us waiting to see who wins.*

MangoBaaz wishes Zameer and Ali the best on their head-shaving endeavors and more than that, humbly ask that they provide high-quality pictures and video footage of the event when it takes place so we can write about that too loooool. LOVE YOU!

Who do you think is going to win? Big cricket fan? Not a cricket fan at all? Just want to see if they’ll actually go through with the bet? Same. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Cover photo source MangoBaaz

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