Mehwish Hayat Wore A Tamgha On The Ramp At The HUM Showcase, And We're Here For It

By Arslan Athar | 22 Apr, 2019

Mehwish Hayat recently received the honorary ‘Tamgha E Imtiaz’ at the Pakistani Day event at the Aiwan E Sadr in Islamabad. Leading up to the event, and even after it, the actor had to face a lot of backlash online. According to a lot of people online, the actor did not deserve the award and her receiving it demeaned the stature of the national award.

Source: @mehwishhayatofficial / Instagram


The actor, however, still went on to get the award and also shut down the haters in a twitter thread. 


Of course, all of this did not stop the haters and trolls from hating on her.

As usual, Mehwish Hayat paid no heed to all the trolling, and this past weekend walked the ramp for designer Munib Nawaz, at the HUM Showcase.

This was not your usual collection, or rather not your usual celebrity showstopping experience. Mehwish walked alongside her good friend, Azfar Rehman. At the end of their walk, they opened their jackets and revealed their unique t-shirts. Mehwish Hayat’s shirt was the most interesting of all- her’s had what looked like a ‘Tamgha E Imtiaz’. 

Source: @humshowcase / Instagram


She was rocking the t-shirt like a total boss! 

And we’re absolutely loving the confidence.

Source: @humshowcase / Instagram


Mehwish, gurrl, you better work it!

Source: @humshowcase / Instagram


It’s really positive to see Mehwish Hayat own her award and be proud of it. For a very long time, we’ve seen the women in our entertainment industry be trolled into hiding their joy and accomplishments. Mehwish Hayat’s attitude in all this is a learning lesson for us all.


Mehwish Hayat and the cast of ‘Challawa’ were not the only celebrities to have walked the ramp at the HUM Showcase. 

Our favorite actor, Imran Ashraf walked for Emraan Rajput.


Co-stars, Ali Rehman Khan and Hareem Farooq walked for Deepak and Fahad.


Laal Kabootar’ stars, Mansha Pasha and Ahmed Ali Akbar, walked for HSY.


Stunner, Neelum Muneer walked for Mona Imran.


Ayesha Omar, our forever Fashion Queen, walked for Hussain Rehar.


Asim Azhar looked dapper as he walked for Rizwan Beyg. 


Feroze Khan walked for Jazib Qamar. 


Clearly, HUM Showcase was a star-studded affair, with actors coming in from all over the country to dazzle the ramp walk with their contagious confidence and uncontrollable swagger. What did you think of all the celebrity action over the weekend? Which celebrity won your heart?

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: @humshowcase and @mehwishhaayatofficial / Instagram

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