13 Badass Graphic T-Shirts You Can Buy Right Now To Help You Survive The Zaalim Garmi

By Arslan Athar | 17 Apr, 2019

Tragically, winter has ended and we’ve rather quickly transitioned into the hot season. Temperatures are soaring, and so is your need to wear a lighter, more summer-appropriate wardrobe. Top on that list has to be the good old t-shirts, especially graphic t-shirts. A good graphic tee can help up your summer style game for a whole lot of points and also help keep you cool.

So, if you’re wondering where to shop from, we got you covered:

1. Maybe some desi swag, to start things off. 

You can buy this here.

Source: lahoriink.com


2. Even if it’s a long sleeved t-shirt, you can roll it up and look just as great. 

You can buy this Lahori Ink look here.

Source: lahoriink.com


3. You can sport a little bit of history on your tee.

You can this shirt here.

Source: hefclothing.com


4. Get it funky, because why the heck not!

Buy this tee here.

Source: mango.com.pk


5. You don’t have to go all out with the designs on your t-shirt. 

You can buy this muted print shirt here.

Source: mango.com.pk


6. This t-shirt will make you stand out.

You can order one here.

Source: @klotho369 / Instagram


7. A t-shirt can say so much with such little words!

Order yours here.

Source: @klotho369 / Instagram


8. You can choose how ‘over’ you can get with a t-shirt. 

You can buy it here.

Source: breakout.com.pk


9. Whether or not you actually end up going to New York City this summer, at least, you can have this funky tee.

Buy it here!

Source: breakout.com.pk


10. Have fun with your t-shirts! Don’t take them too seriously. 

Get a hold of this tee here.

Source: outfitters.com.pk


11. Have ‘No Regrets’!

Buy this tee here!

Source: outfitters.com.pk


12. T-Shirts truly have the power to reflect your personality so perfectly. 

Get a hold of this print here.

Source: outfitters.com.pk


13. You can be selectively social, but don’t be too selective with your tees. 

Source: beoneshopone.com


So, what T-Shirts are you buying to help beat the summer heat?

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Cover Photo Courtesy: lahoriink.com and beoneshopone.com


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