Meet Kurasah, An Emerging Fashionista To Watch Out For

By rakanaabeauty | 17 Dec, 2021

We first came across Kurasah from her ‘What I’d Wear if I Were a Bride in…’ video where she dresses up in a variety of bridal attires culturally belonging to different countries. These countries include America, India, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

We absolutely loved how she beautifully represented the traditional bridal wear of these five different countries put together in one video, bringing together masses all over the world. You can watch her video here:


Source: Kurasah Anwer Sheikh


She started her Instagram blog during the quarantine period after COVID-19 hit us in 2020. Her love for dressing up made her create some TikToks and after the overwhelming response she received from people, she finally decided to start her own Instagram blog.

One of our favorite content creations of hers would be the ’70 Years of Beauty’ video where she shows the changing makeup trends throughout the years starting from the 1950s and moving towards the present.

We are sure we weren’t the only ones wanting a Pakistani version of this trend, credit goes to Kurasah for introducing it!


Source: Kurasah Anwer Sheikh


Isn’t it magnificent to see the beauty trends changing over the years and notice how far we have come?


Kurasah’s makeup and styling skills are on fleek!

We are totally in awe of the way Kurasah phenomenally recreates makeup looks from famous celebrities in her own style. She absolutely loves recreating looks! Here, she recreated Gigi Hadid’s famous birthday look with a touch of her own element and we truly believe she has done justice to it! Check it out yourself and let us know what do you think:


Source: Kurasah Anwer Sheikh


The minimal makeup look with bold nude lips and the fun rubber band hairstyle is a total go-to summer look that everyone can pick for a quick yet chic look.

Another sensational look Kurasah recreated was of the popular Bollywood actress, Madhubala from the movie ‘Mughal-e-Azam’.

This iconic Anarkali-inspired look was produced with a bright yellow outfit, put together with a simple yet glowy makeup look and some traditional-looking handmade jewelry. This one is totally giving us the old Bollywood vibes. We can say undoubtedly that you would be able to relate to us too on this nostalgic feeling after seeing this look of hers down here:


Source: Kurasah Anwer Sheikh

Interested to see more of Kurasah’s Instagram? You can find her here @kurasah_anwer


Cover image via Kurasah Anwer Sheikh

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