Meesha Shafi Just Trolled Mooroo After He Commented Against Cancel Culture

By Rameeza Ahmad | 26 Aug, 2019

Meesha Shafi just lowkey pwned Mooroo and I’m living for the savagery.

A lot of people have issues with what they call ‘cancel culture’. This refers to the movement where those who say something problematic in the present or the past are essentially ‘canceled’. We have seen big names in the industry be outed as harassers but them being canceled remains a contentious debate. While this is certainly an important debate to be had about the merits of cancel culture as opposed to helping people learn, social media commentary remains just as brutal on both sides.


YouTuber Mooroo recently commented about cancel culture and how he was against it

Clearly, he is still upset about the recent public “cancelations” people have done against many famous people since he tweeted out a question; who are we canceling next.

Source: @mooroo4 via Twitter


A few people replied to his questions by referencing the recent controversy over what some perceived to be homophobic remarks he made


Others had a more humorous approach


And then Meesha Shafi decided to reply to Mooroo with a savage comeback of her own


People couldn’t stop laughing at Meesha Shafi responding to Mooroo, and her sense of humor

It is to be noted that Mooroo has since deleted his tweet and has not posted any other explanations about his comments yet. But anyway, Meesha proved with her tweet that her humor remains as well-intact as ever.

What do you think about Meesha’s reply to Mooroo’s tweet? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: / Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo via YouTube

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