Sania & Shoaib Just Threw Samiya & Hassan Ali Their First Wedding Dawat And It's The Best Double Date Ever

By Sarmad Amer | 26 Aug, 2019

Shoaib, Sania, Hassan Ali and Samiya getting together last night is the best double date ever

We all obsess over shaadi season and when it’s a celebrity shaadi the excitement is doubly intense. With the recent slew of celebrity weddings with the likes of Hamza Ali Abbasi, Naimal Khawar and Imad Wasim getting married, there’s quite a few wedding photos and celebrations to look forward to.


The most exciting celebrity wedding recently has been cricketer Hassan Ali marrying his Indian bae Samiya and giving us all some positive India-Pakistan love story

Hassan and Samiya married in the UAE in a lavish ceremony and while we all made jokes, the couple looked absolutely lovely. There has certainly been lots of cuteness going around between them.

Souce: @KuBataoon/Twitter

Now, with any wedding come the post-wedding dawatein for the the new couple and for Hassan Ali and Samiya that means some exciting dinners with the whose who of the sports world.


Last night, Shoaib and Sania invited the newly married Hassan Ali and Samiya for their first wedding dinner and it was lovely

The couples took a bunch of photos together and it was particularly special because both the couples are India-Pakistan couples. We all know we need some positive love between the two countries these days and these couples are the perfect example of that.


Hassan Ali and Samiya thanked Shoaib and Sania for their hospitality and of course baray bhai Shoaib Malik responded with grace


People are loving these couples’ budding friendship


There are even talks of no war with India because of this, which is honestly the best thing I’ve seen online recently


Of course, there are some sexist jokes about these Pakistani cricketers “conquering their Indian brides”

These may sound funny at first but honestly they’re problematic because jokes like these suggest that women are something to be “conquered”. So, maybe let’s think of better jokes, shall we?


Casual sexism aside, these couples are looking lovely. Here’s hoping Samiya and Hassan are also as lovingly embraced by people on both sides of the border as Sania and Shoaib. Shaadi Mubarak!


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Cover image via: @RealHa55an / Twitter

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