12 Facts That Show Pakistani Media's Demonic Agenda

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 11 Jun, 2015

I have this bad habit of staying updated with the news, and like many people I usually follow Express Tribune or Dawn News’ Facebook page. For some time now, I have noticed an inherent bias in their coverage. My sources, of course, are the high intellectuals in the comment section.

So it’s only fitting for me to make you all aware of Pakistani media’s devilish agenda to impurify the pure. Here’s a list of reasons why you should NOT listen to the news.


1. The first mistake they make is lie about Malala – can you imagine that?

malalamalala 1234

Our overly misguided patriotic brother was quick to point out.

malala 2 hate comment

Malala is related to these news agencies by blood, so how else wouldn’t there be an inherent bias.

malala hate 3 comment

malala 2 hate


2. They try to be clever.

A self-proclaimed senior analyst knew the truth – he made us aware that we weren’t using our heads.

sarghoda conspiracy et

express sarghoda comment


3. They report internal problems of the Nation.


debt comment 3

debt 2

Yes admin. Think positive and get a life. Don’t annoy us with your news. Do what a normal reporter does.


debt comment

And obviously everything has to be a competition with India no matter how far off the finishing line we might be.


4. They are  spreading hatred among us.

Express conpirace image


express hazara conspiracy comment 2

Although Hazara shias are being massacred at a constant rate, who are news organizations to point fingers and make people realize about a genocide primarily based on sectarianism. Plus Punjabi lives matter more.

express conspiracy comment

Plus according to this user it just happens, deal with it!


5. They tell us about things which isn’t their business.

Express terorrism image

express terror comment

Yes Express what is your problem? I’m really wondering now.

malala 2 hate 5

Oh and it’s a RAW conspiracy too – the user was able to obtain Express Tribune reporter’s birth certificate.

budget spending military comment

Because using salt is so old school.


6. They talk ill about the people we adore.

turkey boi image


turkey reply

His own people are already criticizing him for it and now Express Tribune and Dawn had to add on to the hate, how sad.


7. They don’t know the truth.

ismailis image

ismailis killing comment

There is no safer place for religious freedom than Pakistan. Stop telling us otherwise Media!


8. They try to paint philanthropic institutions as demonic.


isis comment

This media I tell you.


9. They have an issue with everything.


swimming comment

Please ET stop giving us your conspired rants which you portray as news.


10. They try to manipulate our masses away from the rose gardens and fairy tales roaming about.


unemployment comments

Bad ET Bad, only the armed forces have that right! What they work for PTI too? And here I thought it was only Mosad and RAW.

But wait their conspiracy doesn’t just finish here.


turkey boi comment with dawn

Yes, the CIA too! Also they’re polishing it instead of simply publishing it – that seems dangerous


11. Plus they’re pimping Pakistan around like anything.

express indian movie review image

depika comments 2


Dawn got the same love for reviewing a HINDU film.

dipika comment

Yes Dawn, we only love to watch Indian movies on the big screens but we really don’t like to be reminded of it.


12. But their true colors came about when they reported the news when cricket was home.

(Click on image for better resolution)

zimbabwe cricket

Though the Police and Government both confirmed it was a suicide blast the Facebook users knew what other knew not.  One simply cannot report the facts when they show a negative image of Pakistan – sometimes you need to lie. But what can you expect from these British slaves?

express royal kiss comment

Cover Photo Source: Islamabad Post
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