This Medical Student In Karachi Is Accusing A Doctor Of Harassing His Female Patients

By Rameeza Ahmad | 28 Jan, 2019

Harassing female patients is the worst abuse of such a noble profession.

A young medical student posted a video on Facebook where he was confronting a doctor for alleged inappropriate behaviour with a female patient.

Source: Huzaifa Naveed via

According to the young medical student named Huzaifa, a female member of his family came to the doctor to have her blood pressure checked and to have her nosebleed addressed. Instead, she was violated.

The doctor allegedly told the patient that her blood pressure was a cause for concern, at 140/100. However, when the patient went to another clinic afterwards, her blood pressure showed as normal.

Huzaifa then asks the doctor why he rolled back the female patient’s sleeve much more than what is required for checking a person’s blood pressure. He says that as a medical student, he is fully aware of how much a person’s sleeve is supposed to be rolled back to use the apparatus to check for blood pressure.

He says that what the doctor did was inappropriate and alleges that he had harassed the patient and made her feel uncomfortable and was abusing his privileges as a doctor.

In the video, the doctor thoroughly denies all these claims.

Source: Huzaifa Naveed via

He maintains that the patient’s blood pressure was indeed high and she had palpitations. To which Huzaifa immediately retorts, that the palpitations were because of the discomfort the doctor induced by holding the patient’s hand.

The doctor says he was merely checking the patient’s pulse, but being a medical student, Huzaifa immediately reminds him that it was not the proper way to check a person’s pulse.

The doctor looks thoroughly embarrassed during this entire episode. And honestly, it’s sad to watch. People go to doctors and trust them implicitly with their health and well-being. So a doctor abusing that trust and using it to behave inappropriately with his patients is deplorable.

Doctors are taught bedside manner and how to behave with patients, especially those of the opposite sex during their medical training. And in a cultural context like that in Pakistan, you have to be even more mindful of these things. So if a doctor is abusing his privilege by prolonging physical contact with a female patient and also using more physical contact than actually required, it is incredibly concerning.

Now with the power of social media, people find it much easier to confront and expose people who might be abusing their power in society. But what do you think, is exposing someone like this appropriate? Let us know in the comments below.

You can watch the entire video below:

Gepostet von Huzaifa Naveed am Freitag, 18. Januar 2019

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Cover Image Source: Huzaifa Naveed via

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