Mawra Hocane Just Clapped Back At Every Hater With This Boss Ass Message

By Sadia Khan | 23 Dec, 2016

We all recently witnessed an amazing celebration of love and pure joy. Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane got married! But obviously you know about this unless you were living under a rock.

Here‘s a quick recap for anyone who is living under a rock.


We even went to the shaadi and brought you all the details


There were many people out there who wished the very best for the couple, they fell in love with the way they looked at each other, how they dressed up for  one of the most important days of their lives and how they gathered around everyone close to them to be a part of their happiness.


There was immense hatred from people who’re just miserable about their own sorry lives


Mawra Hocane took to facebook and addressed it to everyone who thought it was their moral duty to hate Urwa and Farhan.

She posted a picture on her offical page, which shows Urwa Hocane lying on the bed with bandage on her ankle.

“My sister injured her ankle on the day of her nikkah so much so she could not walk the next day but what do you know about her pain because all you saw was that BIG smile on her face as she greeted each and every fan & every member of the family. We won’t tell you and you won’t notice because, of course, being a hater gets you attention”, she said.

“It’s not a film or a show where I would take criticism and consider it productive. We shared it with you to make you a part of our celebrations. If you have a problem with that, deal with it. Nobody knows the two of them how I know them. I’ve known their journey, their highs and their lows. I’ve seen them cater to millions of people through their work. And if they decided to share their happy memories with the fans who they consider to be like family, the people who make us what we are, then allow them to make this choice. I will not accept this over speculation on possibly their most memorable day”, continued Mawra.


Here’s the complete post

You go girl! No one should be okay with someone bashing your family for just having the time of your life.


That’s why we say, Mawra is GOALS.

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