Mathira Just Had A Horrible Car Accident In Dubai But People Are Too Busy Insulting Her Instead

By Arslan Athar | 1 Jan, 2019

Mathira is obviously the QUEEN because she lives life on her own terms 


She’s currently in Dubai for the festive season and had plans to spend New Year’s there. 


Last night, the TV personality posted about having been in a car accident in the city while on her way to New Year’s celebrations. 


Apparently, her car was hit by 2 trucks. She sustained injuries and was taken to the hospital. 

She posted videos from right before the accident happened. Both her and her friend, Sara, seemed to be having a good time, driving to the night’s celebrations. Mathira said that she sustained 3 fractured ribs and a broken jaw in the accident but placed her faith in God and His plans for her. She also reported that her friend has also been injured but made it too.


People online were just plain old mean about this news. 

Source: @showbiz_of_pakistan // Instagram


Many people were questioning why she posted about the accident on social media.

Source: @showbiz_of_pakistan // Instagram
Source: @showbiz_of_pakistan // Instagram


Others were commenting on how her makeup is still on point despite being in an accident. 

Source: @showbiz_of_pakistan // Instagram


What’s really upsetting is that people are continuously calling her ‘kanjar’. 

Source: @showbiz_of_pakistan // Instagram


Are we really THIS insensitive as people? REALLY? 

Source: @showbiz_of_pakistan // Instagram


*rolls eyes infinitely* 

Source: @showbiz_of_pakistan // Instagram


The same thing happened when Sham Idrees was in a car accident.

Via @shamidreesvlogs / YouTube

People online are too quick to write off a serious incident as a publicity stunt. It’s as if these people have forgotten what basic human decency is. Wishing that someone die in a car accident is disgusting behavior. Yes, it’s a little strange that she posted about her accident, but these trolls would have had the same reaction if she told us about it a day later.


Let’s not hate so much. Someone’s had a pretty bad car accident. Here’s hoping Mathira has a quick and speedy recovery.

Drive safe, people.


Sham Idrees Had A Horrible Car Accident But People Are Too Busy Trolling Him Instead

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Cover Photo Via: @real_mathira // Instagram

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