There's A Massive Electricity Breakdown All Over Pakistan Right Now And People Are Pissed At The Government

By Sarmad Amer | 16 May, 2018

Many parts of the country are undergoing massive electricity breakdown right now after Tarbela, Mangla and Ghazi Barotha power plants tripped apparently due to faults in the main transmission line. According to reports, the national grid is facing a shortfall of 4000 megawatts electric supply.


The power supply has been gone since earlier this morning, leaving Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and some parts of Sindh and Balochistan in the dark

People were waking up to the bijli gone


As it became apparent that the electricity was gone all over the country, emotions started to run a little wild


And duaein for the government started flowing out of people’s mouths


Even though the breakdown is from “tripping of the major power plants”, people have started cursing PML N


Even the National Assembly’s without power today


Garmi mein sarcasm bhi ubal ubal ke bahar anay laga


People are leaving their homes to run away from the load shedding


Others chose to cope with the situation by indulging the nation’s favorite beverage


People also started panicking as their devices ran out of juice


Kuch ko toh Allah Mian bhi yaad agaye


But most of all, many people have become so besharam, it’s kinda hilarious


Like, some are even revealing their kinky side 


But honestly though


How are you coping with the electric breakdown? And are you one of those who’re cursing the PML N government for failure of the power plants all over the country?



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