Maryam Nawaz Just Tweeted About Seeing Her Dad In Jail For The First Time And People Are Calling Bullshit

By Rameeza Ahmad | 28 Dec, 2018

Seems like the Maryam Nawaz really can’t catch a break.

Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to 7 years in prison a few days ago. He was immediately taken to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi. However the next day he was transferred to Kot Lakhpat jail. A request for better class jail facilities was also approved for him which meant that his cell would have a mattress, study table, a chair, and a television set and newspaper.


His daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif, like any other daughter, visited her father in jail to see how he was doing.

Upon asking him if he needed anything, he said he only wanted ‘Kalsoom’s photos’.

With her tweet, Maryam probably wanted to show people how simple Nawaz Sharif was and what his priorities were since he only cared about seeing pictures of his late wife, Kulsoom Nawaz.


But Maryam’s tweet kinda backfired because no one was really having it.



Maryam Nawaz is infamous for her tweets.

She usually gets herself in a bit of trouble with what she says and how she addresses peoples questions on the social media website. And this has gotten her a ton of hate over the years so at this point, whatever she tweets, people will react negatively to it.

And regarding this particular tweet, a lot of people called it a drama.


Clearly, Maryam Nawaz’s attempt at humanizing Nawaz Sharif and getting public sympathy backfired because people are apparently done with the family. The reactions were many and very negative to her tweets. But to be honest, that happens with anything she tweets.


Maryam Nawaz has started tweeting recently after a five month break and to some people it has rubbed off in a negative way 

Maybe a social media hiatus like the last one she took was a good idea.

What do you think about this entire situation? Let us know in the comments.


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