This Woman From Karachi Says Her Employers Fired Her Because She Got Pregnant & Her Experience Sounds Horrific

By Biya Haq | 27 Dec, 2018

What a nightmare.

Working as a woman in Pakistan is tough enough as it is. In fact, working as a woman anywhere in the world can be extremely challenging.

Everything from balancing your work life/personal life, raising children alongside pursuing a career and most of all, being seen as an equal in the eyes of your peers. Especially, your male peers. All of this can be extremely challenging.

However, this woman’s story goes to show that in many ways, we as a country have a lot of hard work ahead of us. This woman is making allegations of a horrific experience with her employers in Karachi is absolutely disgusting, unethical and inhumane. Asma Ziaq was hired as a Marketing Manager in AJM Pharma, in Karachi. However, when it came to it, her journey there did not end up going the way she thought it would.


In a series of tweets, Asma laid out her entire story from start to finish on how her pregnancy was allegedly used against her, ultimately leading her to resign.

Here’s Asma’s story in her own words:

Asma went on to say that the leaves had been rejected by her Director and stated that Asma did not have sufficient grounds for approval, while a male colleague was granted approval almost immediately even though he had no days left.

At this point, according to Asma, her salary had been withheld, no bonus paid, no settlement communicated, no termination notice and all the emails to her superiors had been blocked.

Since the thread was posted, we reached out to Asma to get the full story and see how she’s been doing since the whole issue allegedly took place. Asma said she learnt a couple of lessons from the whole experience, unfortunately, not the best ones.

She said: “Seths like Adnan Hussain believe that they have the power to do whatever they want, not considering the situations of their employees and a toxic environment is created mainly for females who are already few in number in such organizations.”

She went on to say, “The weaknesses of the employees are used against them during times of needs. The MD Adnan Hussain was already aware of my financial situation and that I was supporting my parents back in Lahore and was also responsible to pay back the loan taken to complete my MBA however this situation was always used against me to force me to step back and not retaliate.”

“Companies like these mention “company policies” when hiring and firing employees when in reality they have no such policy at hand and no one pays heed to contractual obligations.”

Asma provided the official legal notices in her possession as well.

Source: Asma Ziaq


Source: Asma Ziaq


Source: Asma Ziaq


Source: Asma Ziaq


Source: Asma Ziaq

She added, “Unfortunately, I was not the first person to go through such a tormenting experience within a passage of one year. Based on the experience of some employees/ex-employees, the modus operandi of this company is that they first hire you on a certain salary with the promise to increase it on completion of probation. Then, they extend the probation again and again (in many cases up to one year).”

“If the employee survives all this and finally confronts them regarding their salaries, then they tell him/her to it her resign or be terminated or settle for the lower pay.”

“The culpability of the company is evident from the fact that 14 reminders were sent to the concerned executives requesting them to provide the company policy, the HR regulations, Anti-harassment policy, the composition of the inquiry committee for handling harassment complaints as necessitated under “The Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010”. Not only that the company never replied to any query they even blocked my email so that I wasn’t able to approach the concerned officers.”

“As a last resort, I have served a legal notice to the company and I currently intend to file a suit in the courts of law if no remedy is provided. Apart from highlighting such workplace harassment issues, another purpose of this post is to encourage other females to fight for their rights if they are going through the same problems.”

All we can try and do is make sure that if such a thing did happen with Asma, the message of intolerance should be reprimanded loud and clear. The way Asma and many other women out there are treated in professional environments is unacceptable and we must make sure it is stopped immediately. It is the system’s inability to provide support for women to continue being part of the workforce as productive members and not a fault of their own that they have to leave when pregnant, or raising children.


What do you think of the thread? Of Asma’s experience? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Cover photo source: The Express Tribune

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