Maryam Nawaz Became A Grandmother And We Can Only Think About One Thing

By Biya Haq | 10 May, 2018

As of a couple of days ago, the first family of Pakistan has officially expanded in size.

Yup! Congratulations are due to the Princess of Sheikhupura who just welcomed her first granddaughter, Serena.

However, even though it’s great that there’s a baby in the picture and all, it seems that there is only one thing we can think about.


Like there is some weird kind of magic happening there. Not that beauty and vanity is everything, but like, MashAllah MashAllah, you have got to admit, no matter what your political stance is, Maryam Nawaz is pretty stunning, for her age AND otherwise.

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Via: Facebook


Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Via: Facebook


Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Via: Facebook


Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Via: Facebook


Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Via: Facebook

And okay fine, photoshop is photoshop and a filtered picture says a thousand words but let’s just look at the facts. Better yet, let’s look at history.

This is Maryam at her wedding. Absolutely beautiful.

Source: YouTube

If she wore that jora today, she would probably look exactly the same. Everything from her skin to her complexion, she looks just as flawless as her wedding day.

Fast forward to Maryam with her own daughter, growing up.

Source; LawsofPakistan

AGAIN! The way she has carried herself over the years, her style and grace, come on now, Maryam knows what she’s doing.

And now to current day, A GRANDMOTHER.



It’s pretty insane. And yes, fine, even if there is some alleged ‘help’ with the use of Botox or different kinds of medical assistance, honestly – whatever.

If you can look that fresh and flawless, what could POSSIBLY be wrong with that?

If you can afford it and it makes you happy, who are any of us to say anything?

But anyway, that is only if the rumors are true. Until then, we’ll believe that Maryam is a unicorn, a vampire or just has a really great skin regime.

What do you think about Maryam? What kind of grandmother do you think she’ll be? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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