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Maryam Nawaz Is Being Savagely Trolled For This Tweet About Her Bottle Of Coke

Maryam Nawaz Is Being Savagely Trolled For This Tweet About Her Bottle Of Coke

We all love to troll our politicians, there’s no dispute there. Particularly when the said politicians are in power and have been facing a few too many scandals for various reasons, it just becomes more entertaining, nahi? Something similar just happened with Maryam Nawaz, who often gets trolled by those that don’t agree with her politics but this one is rather entertaining for obvious reasons.


So, Maryam Nawaz just tweeted this image of a coke bottle showing her personalized label and all

There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, we’ve all done this ever since Coke released this personalized labeling of their bottles. Raise your hands if you’ve put up such an image on social media (Yes, you have. Don’t lie).


But unfortunately, she wasn’t prepared for the brutal trolling that came her way

Of course, many were referencing to the recent Supreme Court judgment that rendered her father, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, disqualified from holding public office, for life.


Boy, oh boy. The trolls came for Maryam Nawaz. And they were prepared. Photoshop and all.


Some fanbois tried to defend her


But there were so many who were trolling Maryam Nawaz for her father

Sadly, many frustrated by the economic, political, social situation of the country forgot rules of civilized behavior and just came at ’em.


There were those who couldn’t help but make reference to famously used jokes


And some people were genuinely worried for the Coca Cola company

Particularly their marketing department.


And of course, the nation’s favorite catchphrase also made its presence felt


What’s your take on this hilarious twitter saga?


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