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Maryam Nawaz Showed Off Her Birthday Cake On Twitter And Pakistanis Savagely Dragged Her

Maryam Nawaz Showed Off Her Birthday Cake On Twitter And Pakistanis Savagely Dragged Her

Pakistani politician Maryam Nawaz is a decisive figure. It’s quite like how all politicians are, really. But after the recent disqualification of her father, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and social media’s tendency to be brutal to everyone without discrimination, she got dragged on Twitter for showing off a birthday cake that wasn’t exactly what it was supposed to be.


So, it was Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s birthday yesterday


And there were many PML N fans who were sending her birthday wishes, gifts and cakes


One such cake that Maryam showed off on Twitter was a cake with a leopard all over it

Behind the leopard cake, there was a stuffed cheetah and what appeared to be a stuffed lioness on top of the cake.


Interestingly, the political party that she is part of has a shair i.e. lion as the symbol which is NOT a leopard

Or a jaguar or cheetah, which also look quite similar.



And people noticed that


Phir toh bhai trolls got together and hit back


While some were making references to the recent ouster of her father


This genius thought it was funny to call her out for being a mature woman


Many, many trolls resorted to calling the animal on top of the cake either a kutta or a donkey

That actually sounds like they might be trying to indirectly call her names and if that’s so, that’s not okay… if they were honestly just jokes, they’re funny.


But this guy was pointing out something that needs real attention

Powerful people in Pakistan have routinely paraded endangered animals out in the streets as a show of their wealth and that’s animal abuse. But of course, who cares about that, right?


Khair anyway, happy birthday to Maryam Nawaz and here’s hoping that you become more respectful toward the aam awaam in your years ahead.


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