19 Things Only a NUST Student Can Relate To

By Maryam Cheema | 26 Dec, 2015

National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad is like a dream place for most of the aspiring engineers and applied sciences students in Pakistan. It is the only university which was able to grab a place in Times Top 100 universities for the year 2015.

NUST is a great irony and grandeur in itself. Though it may be a dream place for almost 50,000 students every year, out of which only almost 3000 manage to get through those gates, NUST still has a lot of things that only once gotten in to NUST, Nustian could know and relate to. Here is my list:


1. All those scavenger hunts that go in vain, because your university is a whole sector of Islamabad

Source: Aheed Naveed

No NUSTian has ever been able to explore the whole place, not even a single one. All the scavenger hunts have always ended in tired, frustrated students.


2. Feeling a little sad for the FATA in NUST

Source: 9Fact NUST

You know it if you’re a NUSTian and you sometimes even feel sad for the NICE and SMME boys but then your NBS beauty just distracts you from feeling too sorry for the “underprivileged”.


3. NBS and SEECS being the laadlay of the admin

Source: NUST Media Club

NUST admin couldn’t be more bias toward these schools. They eat up all of the academic funds ever since H-12 came in to being and everyone else just subsists on the scraps.


4. The confusion between entering from Gate# 3 or Gate# 10

Gate 10 pe khara hoon;
Gate 3 say entry mushkil hoti hai;
Gate 1 se entrance test dene jana hai.

Source: 9Fact NUST

Everyone only uses just a couple of the gates but then what’s with making half a dozen more. Just to confuse people?


5. Being jealous of the NBS/S3H guys because of the husn around them

Source: 9Fact NUST

It won’t be an understatement to call NBS/S3H the Jannat of NUST . But if face baked pastry splattered hoorain is what you like, well good luck mate.


6. Wondering if the SADA kids are always high or they’re just crazy

Source: NUST

You know you’re a NUSTian from SADA if you don’t care what happens all around the university. Your only routes around NUST are SADA to C1 to back to SADA.

Everyone else just wonders about the sanity of these “artist” types.


7. When LMS and CMS made you question the credibility of the T in NUST

Source: NUST Trolls

Apparently we now have ORACLE generated CMS system that cost 25 million (dollars? rupees? chocolates?) but it never works on Windows 8.1.

What’s the point of spending all that money if the software will work only on Windows 98?


8. Having the best view in town

Source: I M NUSTian

Hanging out with cold coffee from C3 on a very pleasant rainy weather with views of the beauty that is Islamabad.


9. The holiday trolls that creep out with emails every time something happens in the country

Source: 9Fact NUST

A storm of fake admin emails and trolls kept you entertained while the originals email would only be sent at the very last minute of the very last hour so no one could actually plan to party.


10. Those rarest of rare occasions when a concert *gasps* was allowed to happen on campus

Source: NUST Alumni Association

The no-concert-policy of NUST has made NUSTians crib for concerts so bad, that the alumni night becomes more of a concert time for the students than a reunion for the alumni.


11. NUST’s very own phat phati metro saving morning class attendance since the day it was born

Source: Trend Hunter

The only working metro is a complete phat phati but had it not been for it everyone would have been late to every class in the mornings. You know you have to keep up with its pace if you are too lazy to walk through from hostel to the department.


12. Dreaming about setting up boating and a wildlife park at that NUST Chappar

Source: NUST Media Club

Oops, I mean the NUST lake. Amid all the buildings it stands as a symbol of serenity, NUST’s very own Lake, formerly known as NUST Chappar.


13. The folks in the admin

Source: 9Fact NUST

Best career advisement. Or Humayun sahab and Babar sahab for all you transportation needs.


14. C1 and C2’s food and mahol

Though naam he kaafi hai still a NUSTian would know C1 ka shawarma, papri chaat, C2 ka kahana or chowmien and of course the ranga rang mahol 😉

Source: Rehan Nagra

And those huts? Not a single day passes that you won’t find couples hanging in and out of those huts behind C1.


15. Feeling superior because your university had some Helipad swag

Source: Pak Wheels Via: 9Fact NUST

Oh yes. And smack in the middle of NBS, too. Even international delegates need to be shown the “beauty” of NUST when they first arrive.


16. Knowing that dhaabay ka khana is better than mess food

Source: NUST Trolls

The dhaba near SNS is a blessing in disguise for all the hostel-ites when the mess people make yet another disgusting concoction.


17. But loving the mess on biryani day

Source: NUST Trolls

Everyone knows yo have to get to the Biryani before the others can. Marsu Marsu biryani na chad su.


18. Having a university with ‘Science and Tech.’ in its name and enjoying the jet speed campus Internet

Source: NUST Trolls

They installed WiFi devices all around the campus probably to teach super patience techniques to students.


19. Despite all the struggles you still love the place and forever want to be known as a NUSTian

Source: NUST

No matter how much it squeezes your brains, at the end of the day you feel at home in this place. Sure there is a lot of sweat and tears behind the proud tag of being called a NUSTian but given the chance, you’d do it all over again. Any day.

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