This is Why Most People Stand With Mohammad Aamir

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 25 Dec, 2015

Shahriyar Khan is considering taking disciplinary action against Azhar Ali and Mohammad Hafeez for not attending the preparation camp for New Zealand due to the presence of Mohammad Aamir. They claim that he has tarnished the country’s reputation and shouldn’t be given another chance.

Others, however, have a different point of view to the whole story.


Since yesterday, the hashtag #PakStandsWithAmir has been trending.


Waqar, Inzamam, Saeed Anwar and Wasim Bhai are also among the people that stand with Amir.


Since he’s already forgone of his punishment set for by officials, why not give him another chance?

Some had a political angle to it aswell.

This one individual thinks that Hafeez and Azhar really need to concentrate on their own performances before criticizing someone else.


The Quaid too made a special appearance on his birthday to make a statement on the matter.

But will we follow the vision of the Quaid?


The support was indeed overwhelming. Not sure how #IK would respond to this.

Ashiqui 3?


The views were mixed, but one side clearly had the upper hand.


According to sources, Shahid Afridi has already given a green signal to Aamir’s return. Reportedly Aamir has already apologized to Shahid Afridi and has admitted his mistake.


Ramiz Raja, however, has been against the return on Mohammad Aamir to international cricket.

12432800_10156391986520430_2004536547_o (1)

Ramiz Raja is currently the nominated brand ambassador of PSL T20 as well where Aamir is part of the Karachi Kings.

Misbah-ul-Haq in a recent interview to BBC Urdu didn’t make things easier for Aamir either when he said the following:

“The concern regarding Amir’s return is a complicated subject. Me as the Test captain, players in the team and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will have to go through a testing process after Amir comes back.”

PCB and Aamir still have to figure out how to get a visa to New Zealand.

The country has a policy against issuing visas to players with criminal convictions. Oops.


Despite all the support Aamir has, which is mostly due to his immense talent and recenpt performances, the road to his return is long and full of complications.


Do you think he should be allowed back?

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