13 Things Every Guy Should Know About Marrying A Girl Who Is An Only Child

By Ali Gul | 21 Apr, 2016

Your amma is finally getting you married, but little did you know that your future wife is an only child. Should you be worried? Well, yes and no. This girl has grown up on her own without having to fight with any brothers and sisters. She was her parent’s queen and nightmare.

Here are a few things you might want to know about her if she didn’t get the chance already:


1. She will be very possessive

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She has always learnt to cherish and protect the few relationships she has had. She will take all measures to make sure you don’t mess this one up.


2. She doesn’t like to talk about or share all her feelings

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She is not used to having someone she could share all her feelings with. A girl can’t share  all her thoughts with her parents. That could get weird.


3. She doesn’t open up to most people

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She only opens up to a few people who she truly cares about. If she starts opening up to you, this is a sign that you two are made for one another.


4. She has a big heart

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She is very giving and will go out of her way to make her loved ones feel comfortable and happy.


5. She is very independent

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She isn’t used to depending on others. She is probably a jack of all trades and doesn’t like to get orders from anyone.


6. She will take responsibility for her mistakes

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She never had any siblings to put the blame on. She will be very straightforward and opening to accepting if she messed up.


7. She will be very inflexible and opinionated

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She is the reason why the word ‘ziddi‘ was invented in the Urdu vocabulary. It is very hard to convince her if she has made up her mind on something.


8. She knows how to spoil others

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She’s been pampered her entire and really knows how to treat others the way she has always been treated. Make sure to pamper her too since that will only build your relationship with her.


9. It is extremely hard to gain her trust

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If she does start trusting you, make sure you don’t break it. This will truly break her as a person.


10. She loves being the center of gatherings

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She knows how to talk to all sorts of people. She was always dragged to meet different people with her parents since they didn’t want to leave her home alone.


11. You don’t want to see her angry

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Unfortunately you will see this happen many times and the only way to protect yourself is to hide. Even the Hulk would be afraid of her.


12. She can be bossy

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She has never been used to taking orders and it is only natural that this habit doesn’t stop after she gets hitched. Be prepared to be whipped.


13. She will love you more than anything

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If you two build a chemistry and genuinely show her that you care, she will love you more than you could ever imagine. Her definition of love comes from her parents, not from selfish siblings. She will love you for who you are.



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