Here Are 11 Of The Biggest Changes That Happen In Your Life After Shaadi, As Told By My Married Best Friend

By Zainab Ali | 11 Nov, 2018

If you aren’t married yet, let me be the first to tell you that it is no stroll in the park.


My best friend got married earlier this year, (keep in mind it was an arranged marriage) and although she was pretty excited about being a wifey, the reality check hit her pretty hard

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All that happy and chill married life you see in the movies? Yeah, that’s like utter bullshit. Marriage is commitment, it’s understanding and it definitely takes two to make it work. Just to make sure everyone is super prepared for what they might face, here are some major things that shook my bff when she got married:


1. Compromise, compromise, compromise

Many bachelors might believe that both sides of the couple would have to compromise equally, but in reality, it’s usually the wife thats compromising more than the husband.

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2. You will still have limited freedom

You know how your parents tell you, “beta, shaadi kay baad kar leyna.” 

In reality, you not only have your husband to tell/ask where you’re going, you probably have to tell/ask you saas as well. So, no mom, I can’t go on a trip to Karachi with just my friends after I get married!

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3. Social life will change. FOREVER

You would think it’s easy to keep up your social life, after all, it’s not like you’ll be doing much after shaadi right? Wrong. Your social life suffers drastically, you can’t just make last minute plans and get up and leave your home.

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4. Adjusting to a new home will be overwhelming sometimes

It might be exciting moving into a new place with a new family, but it’s pretty overwhelming. The first few weeks you aren’t sure what exactly to do, especially when you’re living with your susraal. Should you offer to cook? Do you have to constantly wear a three piece suit? Who knows???

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5. Sharing a room with an almost-stranger will be weird

Since we are talking about an arranged marriage, sharing a room with an almost complete stranger isn’t all daisies and unicorn. You aren’t used to it and it can become frustrating, especially if you’re a clean freak.

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6. Sex will be a HUGE thing on your mind

Speaking of sharing a room, the sex isn’t effortless and romantic like the way you might see in the movies, especially in the beginning. It’s pretty weird and awkward.

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7. You’ll learn that suraal is not like your “own” home

No matter how amazing your susraal may be, it’ll still be your susraal. You may not exactly know how your new family works, so staying on top of your behavior, you’re usually worried about pissing off any member of the family.

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8. Romance with your new partner will be difficult to execute

Shaadi is definitely not as romantic as movies or dramas. Little signs of affection and love are showed here and there, but at the end of the day, it’s all very practical.

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9. You will most definitely be missing your family

Leaving your loved ones, especially your family isn’t easy. You constantly miss them, and yearn to see them again.

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10. Pregnancy questions will be the death of you

Some might believe that your private life is very much yours once you get married, in reality, every single rishtedaar will be asking: are you pregnant? Abhi tak nai? Chota kab aa rah hai?

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11. You will not be able to openly fart or burp

Need I say more?

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Marriage is a beautiful and sacred relationship that should be cherished. It’s definitely not easy, nor is it like anything in the movies, but with love and respect, every problem can be conquered.

What realities hit you hard after marriage? Let us know in the comments.


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