Mansha Pasha Opened Up About The Stigma Around Divorce And Her Life With Jibran Nasir

By Sana Yasmeen | 9 May, 2020

Mansha Pasha sat down with MangoBaaz Editor Sajeer Shaikh for a one-on-one live session and opened up about divorce and her life with Jibran Nasir.

One of the most talented actresses of our entertainment industry, Mansha Pasha has always remained an awe-inspiring figure. Whether it be her acting skills, her being vocal and standing for what she believes in, or savagely calling out other people on Twitter, Mansha always manages to prove herself to be an absolute queen.

Recently, MangoBaaz’s Sajeer Shaikh ‘virtually’ sat down with Mansha Pasha to talk about Mansha’s life and more.

Sajeer Shaikh sat down with Mansha Pasha during a virtual session where Sajeer conversed with Mansha and asked her about her life, lockdown routine, journey in the industry, and her relationship with Jibran Nasir.

Source: @MangoBaaz/Instagram

Mansha talked about how her quarantine routine was rather simple and her sleeping pattern all ‘idhar udhar

Mansha stated that her quarantine routine consisted of getting up, spending time with her mother, exercising, and being up all night sometimes. She also stated that now with quarantine and Ramazan happening together, everything’s out of place.

She also explained that it’s nice to have goals, It isn’t necessary to put too much pressure on ourselves to be productive during the current situation.

Source: @Mangobaaz/ Instagram

Mansha Pasha also talked about how she was keeping her mental health in check and how she deals with existential dread.

Mansha stated that during these times the hardest part for her is to get to the bottom of her emotions and understand what she is feeling and why. Once understood, she stated that she’d talk to somebody because sharing helps and explained how always trying to be strong can be detrimental to one’s mental health.

While answering a question on dealing with existential dread, Mansha stated that it is important to remind ourselves that we are not in control and we should take things and decisions as they come.

Moving forward, Mansha also expressed what goes in her head when she calls somebody out on their irresponsible behavior and her love for dialogue.

Source: @Mangobaaz/ Instagram

She further stated that it is important to distinguish between constructive criticism and trolling whilst being a celebrity.

Whilst on the topic of trolling that celebrities face, Mansha said that it is imperative to understand the difference between constructive criticism and trolling, but at the same time, it is a hard thing to do, and comes over time. She said that it is up to the individual to put into consideration the validity of such comments.

The topic of conversation stirred towards a celebrity’s private life and the stigma around divorce.

Mansha stated that although she has become more open about her private life, there’s always a cautious movement regarding one’s privacy if life is complicated or certain issues involve the presence of other individuals.

Regarding her divorce, Mansha stated that it took her a long time to come to terms with what had happened and understand it. She had been quiet about her divorce on her social media but had her friends and colleagues informed. She also stated that it is a personal choice regarding where to draw the line between ‘public and private’ and it is an ongoing conversation with one’s self.

Source: @MangoBaaz/ Instagram

She also answered some interesting questions from her fans and stated how her life has changed.

While answering a question from her fan, she stated that her life has changed and this change has brought about a sense of responsibility with it. Seeing that an artist is known by the projects they are in, it is always about when to say yes to a project and knowing when to decline.

Talking about her struggles she said that the journey begins after the university and one needs to learn things all over again and also unlearn a lot of stuff. With her Bachelors in Media Science, she stated that life after university is a start from ground zero.

The end of the session revolved around Mansha pasha’s fiancé, politician and activist Jibran Nasir

While describing Jibran, Mansha stated that one of Jibran’s good qualities is that he is very kind and never holds onto a grudge. She also claimed that Jibran had a great sense of humor, and that she has picked up a lot of Jibran’s good qualities and his mere presence brings out the best in her.

She also stated that she had a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and Trevor Noah.

After answering varying other fan questions, she stated that she’ll be uploading her skincare routine on her Instagram soon.

Source: @MangoBaaz/ Instagram

You can check out the complete session here:

Well, Mansha sure knows what she is doing with her life at the moment and I couldn’t be more in love with this woman! Anyways, what do you think about the virtual session? Are you waiting for Mansha to drop her skincare routine too? Let us know in the comments below.


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