This Man Was on the Side of the Road and You Didn't Care

By Haadia Paracha | 25 Feb, 2016

Standing on the side of the road in Islamabad, was a man with a sign that read, “Kidney human for sale”. He was on the junction between Jinnah Avenue, a busy double road that extends from Blue Area all the way to F-11, and 8th Avenue that connects Margala road to Rawalpindi.

This might be one of the most honked at roads in Islamabad.

There is almost always a sizable traffic.

And yet, no one stopped and inquired about this poor man’s plight.



While speaking to the man, who was hesitant about narrating his story on camera, one could sense the flustered tone. What drove this man to take such drastic measures? After all, one’s pride must have nosedived in order to take to the streets with a sign hanging around his neck like a noose.


But more disturbing than the man who had hit rock bottom was the indifference of the people.

He stated that I was the only person in the three hours since he took to the streets who cared enough to ask what was wrong. Are we that desensitized as a nation to not pay heed to others’ miseries? Given, we have a history of various scams and money looters who taint the credibility of those deserving but that doesn’t discount the fact that not one person noticed? Where were the family values and support system we boast about when comparing eastern mannerisms to the western insensitivity when this man decided to sell his kidney just so he could make ends meet?


Here’s a small video snippet we were eventually allowed to record:


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Cover Image: MSNBC Media
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