Malik Riaz's Grandson Just Had A Very Extravagant Wedding & Honestly, No One Else Should Even Bother Competing

By Rameeza Ahmad | 4 Dec, 2018

Seems like it’s the season for grand weddings across the world. 


You know Malik Riaz right? One of the richest men in the country? A billionaire and the man behind Bahria Town and what not.


His grandson got married this weekend. And as you can imagine, the wedding oozed money, uh I mean elegance. I still can’t figure out when the wedding exactly started. But the first of the pictures on Irfan Ahson’s timeline appeared on the 25th of November. And it appears to be a pre-wedding fancy-ass party, according to everyone’s attire.


The groom’s mom (or who I believe to be the groom’s mom) is wearing a gown so I’m just assuming that this is something like a rehearsal dinner but desi


The bride and groom looked pretty chill but I still don’t know what function this is

If I had Malik Riaz kinda money, I too would have senseless functions just for the heck of it and for the opportunity to dress up.

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They had a ton of pre-wedding events such as mayun and what not and to each event, the groom’s mom wore a fancier gown at each one

Including pieces from Chanel, Zuhair Murad and more. She wore these ball gowns to mayuns, I mean weird flex but ok, sis.


Now comes the Mayun, and it seemed pretty sweet. The bride looks pretty traditional with the no make-up look and yellow outfit.


Ah yes, (very) young love.


And finally, the reception/nikkah/baraat


Now you might be saying, that ya MangoBaaz, it’s a fancy wedding but it isn’t THAT fancy. Well, guess what the venue for the reception was? THE LAHORE FORT

There were photos that circulated last week revealing this set up as part of the wedding celebration. There is no confirmation on that so take it with a grain of salt, will you?

Ok wow check out this wedding set up with Lahore fort in the background ✨Via: Niche Lifestyle #wedding #shaadi #weddingseason #shaadiseason

Gepostet von MangoBaaz am Dienstag, 27. November 2018

I didn’t even know you could rent the Lahore Fort for weddings. Well, you probably can’t unless you have Malik Riaz’s bank balance.


And if that wasn’t enough, they had tons of musicians perform at various events including Mustafa Zahid and Sukhbir.

So there you have it folks, a fancy ass wedding as promised. Malik Riaz did not disappoint. There are rumors that the bride and groom are cousins so peysa bhi back gaya Malik uncle ka. That’s a smart way to keep the inheritance in the family.

We wish the young couple a lifetime of happiness.


And if you liked Irfan Ahson’s photography but can’t afford it, don’t worry. He has a message for all us broke ass normal people

Pretty sure I will still not be able to afford it but maybe you can.

What are your thoughts on this wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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