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Paulo Coelho Just Welcomed Malala To Brazil, And It’s The Sweetest Thing Ever

Paulo Coelho Just Welcomed Malala To Brazil, And It’s The Sweetest Thing Ever

Malala Yousafzai has been one of the most recognised people on the PLANET in the past couple of years.

Source: TIME

Her life is followed by millions of millions of people all around the world, whether it’s her student life at Oxford or her summits around the world. Recently, the activist traveled to Brazil for some outreach work.

And on her visit, it seems one individual was following along as well.

Malala just touched down in Brazil and was welcomed warmly by world-renowned author, Paulo Coelho.

Yup. We’re freaking out too.

Coelho’s works, namely The Alchemist have been exceptionally popular among Pakistanis. His works and quotes have been celebrated and embraced immensely on this side of the world, so suffice to say, when he reached out to Malala,

It felt like this.

Source: @asugarhigh Via Giphy

And it seems others think so too.

Source: @weekendaagazine Via Instagram


Source: @weekendaagazine Via Instagram


Of course, there were others who were not as appreciative.

^ Not even sure what this means, tbh.

Either way, however you may feel about her, it’s pretty cool that Coelho took the time to reach out and say such sweet words.

What do you think about the welcoming tweet? Let us know in the comments below!

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