Mahira Khan Stood Up For Junaid Hafeez Who Was Sentenced For Blasphemy And People Agree With Her

By Noor | 22 Dec, 2019

Mahira Khan spoke for Junaid Hafeez and people agree with her.

Junaid Hafeez, who was accused of blasphemy in 2013, has been sentenced to death by the Multan session court. Junaid was a lecturer at Bahauddin Zakariya University and had graduated from Jackson State University.


Earlier, in a written appeal to the Chief Justice, Junaid’s parents mentioned, “Due to transfer of many judges, delaying tactics of prosecution witnesses, and difficulties finding adequate legal counsel for the defense because of the sensitive nature of the case, our son continues to await justice in a fabricated case.” Additionally, a lawyer linked to Junaid’s case was brutally murdered in his chambers.


Upon the final verdict being announced, Junaid’s parents asserted that this was an unfortunate verdict that has less to do with the legal merits of the case 

They basically stated that the decision highlights the sociopolitical environment in which the lower judiciary operates in. They further said, “Could any judge in such circumstances take the risk of doing justice?”



Among the other voices in support of him, Mahira Khan spoke for Junaid Hafeez

While the decision has shocked many and people have spoken up for Junaid Hafeez, one name that took a strong stand for him was that of Mahira Khan’s. In a tweet, she shared how she felt about the situation.


People agree with Mahira Khan speaking for Junaid Hafeez, and are thanking her for taking a definitive stance


Overall, the decision has generally also created a massive stir online and Mahira Khan speaking for Junaid Hafeez is just one of the many voices sounding off on the topic


A few people mentioned that as intolerance soaks into the blood of the subcontinent, we all must stand for justice and harmony like Mahira Khan for Junaid Hafeez


People stated that they would prefer no judiciary in the country than the one that is ‘serving’ the country right now

What is your take on the matter? Let us know in the comments.


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