PM Imran Khan Just Said Pakistan Will Give A “Befitting Response” To India

By Astarte | 21 Dec, 2019

In a recent statement on Twitter, PM Imran Khan seems to have had enough of Modi’s tyrannical rule and fascist ideology in India. He took to social media to collect his thoughts about everything that has happened, and warned everyone that if such operations continue, Pakistan will have no option but to give a “befitting response” to India.

He began his statement by talking about how, over the last five years under Modi’s government, India has regressed into being a “Hindutva Supremacist fascist ideology”.

He also refers to the Citizens Amendment Act that has already created a massive stir in India, where people have come out in support of the Muslim community. He mentions how those who want a pluralist India are protesting and it’s becoming a “mass movement.”

PM Imran Khan goes on to talk about how Kashmir has been impacted by India under Modi’s government.

He states that the siege continues and a bloodbath can be expected when it is lifted. However, he also goes on to state that a greater threat to Pakistan is being posed by India due to the chaos ensuing within the country. He refers to statements passed by the Indian Army Chief, stating that they are a cause of concern, where it was stated that the situation along the LoC could escalate at any time.

He caps off his statement by saying that Pakistan will have no option but to give a “befitting response” to India, given the circumstances.

He states that he has given sufficient warnings, and is taking this time to reiterate that should India carry out an operation that diverts attention from its internal wave of chaos and leads to “war hysteria to mobilize Hindu nationalism”, Pakistan will retaliate.

Obviously, his mentions have since become a place of extreme mud-slinging from both ends, but this is, undoubtedly, a heated, heavy and important statement. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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