Mahira And Fawad Khan Just Did A New Photo Shoot, And Uff They Look Really Hot

By Arslan Athar | 31 May, 2018

Mahira and Fawad have been a popular duo since the days of ‘Humsafar’. Whenever we’ve seen them together since the show, they’ve given us serious heat. May it be TV ads or on the ramp.


Before you read on, I must ask you; ARE YOU READY?


After a long break, Mahira and Fawad have come together for a magazine cover and I cannot handle how AMAZING they look. 

Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

They both posed for the ‘Brides Today India’ June/July issue. While Fawad is with his on-screen wife on the cover, the duo is wearing designs by Sadaf Fawad Khan. What a beautiful combination of both the worlds!

There’s so much right with this picture. 

May it be Fawad’s intense look. 

Like seriously though, he looks HAWT. Kaisay karte ho aap Fawad

Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

or Mahira’s ‘messy’ hairdo 

Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

Oh and we MUST talk about the mehndi Mahira has on 


Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

How can we go on without appreciating the gorgeous ensemble they’ve worn for this shoot 

Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

They look incredible in every angle 

Source: @BridesTodayIn / Twitter

How are they doing this? That too, so flawlessly

Source: @bridestodayin / Twitter

*sigh* We need a moment (or ten) 

*brb crying from a case of overfeels* #MahiraKhan #FawadKhan

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This is a pretty deal for the SFK Bridals brand. Not only are they being given the spotlight on an international magazine, but the two biggest names are the ones modeling the designs. 

Fawad Khan has posed for his wife’s brand before, however, this is the first time the two starlets have done a campaign together.

Needless to say, people cannot get enough of this!

Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

This bechara person may need an ambulance 

Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

Clearly, people can’t get enough of those eyes

Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

This person is asking the right questions!

Source: @bridestodayin / Instagram

I think we all need some time to recover from that photo shoot. But like seriously, they are serving some serious looks on this magazine and we are in love with it. Here’s to more projects with both of our favorite Pakistani celebrities.


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Cover image via: @bridestodayin / Instagram

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