The ‘Daaku Day' At LUMS Just Turned Into ‘Pirate Day’ And Students Are Losing Their Shit

By Biya Haq | 17 Apr, 2018

It’s officially that time of the year. Seniors in universities across Pakistan are gearing up to celebrate their last few days of University and all the traditions and celebrations that come with it.


For this year, the annual ‘Daaku Day’ at LUMS has officially been changed to ‘Pirate Day’ and students are pretty pissed off.

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The University sent out an email to its students, faculty, and staff to announce some changes in the activities and rules of Daaku day.

The email went on to say,

Daaku Day has been a long-standing tradition for LUMS students. It is one of the spirit days that take place for Seniors to celebrate their four years at the institution.

The day itself consists of running around campus, dressed in ‘Daaku’ like attire and ‘looting’ other students.

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And though it may seem harmless, the senior celebratory day has gotten quite a bit of hate over the years.


Criticized for appropriating and disrespecting Sindhi culture through wearing ajrak, Daaku day was also scrutinized for it’s ‘looting’ feature, in which seniors would go to other batches and ‘loot’ them of personal items.


It’s no surprise that LUMS wanted to rectify the situation as best as they could.

The university had always been behind the change and implemented guidelines in past years, but this seems to be the first time LUMS is officially stepping up and bringing about change.

When speaking to LUMS senior, Arsalan Athar, he was able to give us some valuable insight into the situation and how most students are feeling about the change.

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“…I’m personally okay with it, the looting would tend to get out of hand. And well, so far a big fat water fight has been fun, although I know a lot of seniors will disagree.”

And he was right:

Hazing is a huge issue on university campuses and though this change may make some students angry, it is the right thing to do for any university to avoid a situation that could potentially be quite dangerous for other students.

What do you think about the change? Do you think it’s a good idea? Would you be pissed? Should more universities be bringing about this change? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover image via: LUMS Photography Society / Facebook

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