Now Men Are Also Joining Women Around The World In Sharing Experiences About Facing Harassment

By Alveena Jadoon | 18 Oct, 2017

Any sort of violence, abuse or assault is not just limited to women. It transcends gender and affects all of us. If women are the victims on a larger scale, there are men out there too who have been through horrific experiences. And it has impacted their lives.


The #MeToo movement started originally as a women specific movement with women from all around the world sharing stories of harassment to point out how big this issue really is


And now men have started chiming in with their own experience with harassment


Because it’s also important to promote an environment where men don’t hide behind a veil of shame if they’re harassed

Harassment is not a reflection of your lack of mardaangi, it’s a reflection of the sick mind of the one who harasses you.


There are also men who’re using this platform to show support to everyone who has been through such an ordeal

They felt the need to highlight that these hashtags are not going unnoticed and people are actually realizing the magnitude of the problem.


Of course, there were also tsome lowlifes tweeting absolute bullshit


For all those who thought that the movement was a conspiracy among the feminists to seek attention, here’s what’s it’s about:

It was about highlighting a problem that we all go through. Just an effort to reinforce that we are all in this together despite our genders. Abuse or violence of any sort does not see gender. It sees a victim which can be exploited.


We need to stand together to support each other and create a better environment. There is a need to speak up about it, in order for people to know the severity of the problem. It is difficult for people to speak up, for men too, about the issue. Such movements are meant to encourage each other and make us realize that the whole world is there to make us feel like there is nothing wrong with us.

If you don’t agree with the idea, you have every right to mention an alternative way of creating awareness. But making fun of the victims is not the best way to do something like that.


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