Lies All Pakistani Girls Tell Each Other

Lies All Pakistani Girls Tell Each Other

Pakistani girls believe that the path to anyone’s heart lies through their stomach which is why your lies are cooked to perfection.

Here are some of the most interesting ones you share among each other:


1. You guys are my FAVORITE couple *heart*

For every cheesy couple shamelessly indulging in PDA on Facebook, there’s a third wheel out there flooding their post with even cheesier comments of approval. Little do they know that the third wheel is a hater (usually single) grimacing at the screen.

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2. Uff, tum aur tumhare branded bags love hain

This expression of phony excitement and awe is usually gushed out after witnessing a sorry replica.

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3. He’s not worth you, you deserve someone better

What do you do when you find out your best friend’s special someone has dumped her? You YouTube as many motivational videos as you can and tell your friend that a princess like her is destined for a fairy tale ending, even if in your heart of hearts you know Shrek is the only prince out there for her.



4. No, the parlor wali did NOT cut your hair “too short”

What do you call someone who measures one inch and one foot equally? A HAIR DRESSER. And what do you do when your friend tells you the monster chopped all her hair off? You turn the tables to salvage your friendship and tell her how her hair magically looks longer after the haircut.



5. Tumhari ammi bilkul theek keh rahi hain

Admit it! Random aunties’ approval means everything to you. So next time your best friend’s mom lectures her, join forces with Auntie jee in mutual condemnation of sleepovers and late night drives.


6. Haye, you can carry off anything

How do you tell your friend her new bracelet looks gaudy AF? That’s right. You don’t.

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7. Yaar maine kisko batana hai?

This is what you get to hear every time you confide in a friend with classified information.
As if letting the cat out of the bag wasn’t hard enough, hearing this line makes you start having second thoughts about your decision already.

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8. New highlights? BILKUL GORI LAG RAHI HO

You’re anything but a loyal friend if you don’t analogize your friend’s bleached GOLDEN locks to Serena Van Der Woodsen’s.

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9. Tumhein toh bilkul bhi weight lose karnay ki zaroorat nahi hai

The only palatable answer to the infamous question: “Do I look fat?”

What else do you expect to hear even? If you want an honest answer you should be reaching out to a weighing machine, not your BFF who holds her friendship with you dearer than the brutal truth.



10. Mujhe uss ne friend request bheji thi

This friend usually has her friends’ list on private just so she can boast about never having added anyone herself. Main toh kabhi kisi ko pehle friend request nahi bhejti.

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11. Revision? Maine toh abhi tak aik dafa bhee course cover nahi kiya

You know who you are. I will find you and I will kill you!



What lie do you tell your friends? Sssh… we won’t tell anyone else.


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