13 Reasons Why Dating A Libra Is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

By Ramsha Bhatti | 23 Oct, 2018

Everyone raves about how flirtatious and charismatic Libras are. People often love them for their charismatic nature which, most of the time, successfully allows them to sweep their crushes off of their feet.

We have discussed some solid reasons why Libras make the best friends, but what about their qualities as a significant other? Let’s find out 13 good enough reasons why you should be confident while dating a Libra because they make some badass SOs.


1. They are hopeless romantics. 

Libras love falling in love, hence they make the best partners. You can fulfill all of your Bollywood romance dreams with your beloved Libra partner and they would happily bring all of them to life.

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2. They are fair.

This zodiac is known for their fairness, so you can count on them to be fair in every situation, no matter how it affects them. Even in the worst of fights, your Libra love will never stray from their path of fairness and will always treat you and their relationship, along with other aspects of their life, in a fair manner.

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3. Making others happy is their thing.

Libras are people pleasers and when they claim a person, they are bound to fetch the stars and moon for them. A Libra in love is usually so invested in keeping their partner happy, they will even overlook their own happiness since they find joy in keeping their loved one’s content.

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4. They can be excessively loving.

Libras crave affection and attention. On a day filled with blues, your Libra partner will be there to comfort you with open arms and a smile as bright as a ray of sunshine. Cuddles, snuggles, and whispering sweet nothings are their favorite thing to do with the love of their lives.

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5. They love excitement.

Libras are super adventurous. While in a relationship with a Libr,a one must know that there won’t be even a second of boredom as Libras love keeping the excitement alive. They would take up sports, activities, and even leave their comfort zones to keep the spark alive, and what more can one ask for?

source: A Tracel Hack


6. They’re cheerful by nature.

Happy-go-lucky is a phrase most commonly associated with Libras. Their life could be a shitstorm and they would still continue to be happy and enjoy every bit of their life. This means that you always have yourself an escape to happiness with a Libra. You can count on them to make you happy, regardless of what or how they may be feeling on the inside.

source: ‎The Vision Factory Films


7. They’re usually pretty open with the ones they trust.

While Libras tend to put on a facade in a public setup, they become vulnerable when dealing with someone they love. Libras handle their romantic relationships with extreme caution and tend to be honest and open with their partners. While you shouldn’t expect your Libra friend to divulge all of their secrets, your Libra partner will most likely pour their heart out in front of you.

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8. They’re super loyal and trustworthy.

A Libra partner will always have your back no matter what. They will support you and be loyal to you even in the worst of times, and will always safeguard the trust you put in them. Libras try to avoid doing things which would make their partner feel wary or suspicious of them because they feel that being trusted is an honorable thing.

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9. Libras are extremely supportive. 

Want a new haircut? Thinking about joining the gym? Want to take up a new hobby? Your Libra love will always be there on the bleachers waving their pompoms in the air for you! Libras love to help their partners grow so they can enhance and improve with them.

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10. They crave growth. 

If a Libra loves you, they will make sure they grow with you. There will be no beating around the bush as a Libra, in love, would always want to make things concrete with their love and to build a life with them. A Libra lover who includes you in all of their future plans really loves you and you better put on a ring on it ASAP!

source: Red Chillies Entertainment


11. They avoid fights as much as they can

Their peace-loving nature comes into yet once again. A Libra’s preference to maintain peace and harmony will encourage them to resolve conflicts swiftly and to establish methods to avoid and overcome similar situations in the future in the most efficient manner. If a Libra pissed you off once, you better know it they won’t do it again because they hate fights.

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12. Flirting is their thing.

Libras are born charmers and just because you are dating or married to a Libra does not mean they will stop at that. The best thing about being loved by a Libra is that they will flirt with you at any given moment. They will always use corny pickup lines or send you cute animal photos which are captioned: You.

source: Red Chillies Entertainment


13. They love giving gifts

If you are in a romantic relationship with a Libra, there will loads and loads of gifts. They will pamper you whenever they can, with or without an occasion, and will make it obvious to you how you are on their priority list. Also, be it a significant occasion or not, you will be getting a lot of pampering so gear up chica!

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Seeing a Libra partner? How many things did you manage to tick off from the above list? Share this with your Libra love and let them know how awesome they are.


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