This Is What A Liberal Pakistani Brain Looks Like, According To This Artist

By Haadia Paracha | 23 Jul, 2016

Liberal Pakistani people are surrounded in controversy for views that aren’t what is usually considered ‘safe’. If you’re a liberal Pakistani, you’re either a Jewish/RAW agent or a CIA spy sent down by your Western “fathers” to sabotage the land of the pure and teach the children of Pakistan about everything that is fahaash.

Naazgul Baloch is a Pakistani comic artist with surprisingly (for the lack of a better word) breakthrough views on what a Liberal Pakistani brain looks like:


She tweeted the following comic visualizing the thinking process of a Pakistani liberal.


She uses the term “libtard”, a term coined by the amalgamation of “liberal” and “retard”. Yes, we’re equally amazed by the originality and creative talents displayed by people on the other side.


The comic is problematic, to say the least, full of dramatic hyperbole to construe liberalism.


Let’s break down the comic to show all that goes on in a liberal Pakistani’s brain because as Pakistanis, it is our moral duty to make sure we’re right and everybody else around us is terribly terribly TERRIBLY mistaken.


“I condemn TTP terrorism but I support Baloch terrorism. Separatism is sexy.”


Rebuttal: Sabeen Mahmud was a liberal activist who was striving to shed light on the war crimes being committed in Balochistan, one that was slain for speaking up. Separatism isn’t sexy neither are your relatives that show up on the missing persons list or sitting in hundreds with open graves just so somebody would take you seriously.


“Support Gay Rights”


Rebuttal: Instead, gay and transgender community should be persecuted, extorted or denied basic medical facilities because bigoted agendas trump humanity, apparently. Nobody should speak up and those who do should be looked down upon at all costs.




Rebuttal: While our society is plagued by rape, harassment and abuse, we must continue to label ‘sex’ as a taboo topic and deny our kids basic SexEd. Children are oblivious to what is happening with their bodies and illegal sex is still rampant but God forbid we bring up the topic in our writings or on broadcast television.


“Making fun of Islam & Muslim traditions is fashionable.”


Rebuttal: Separating religion from culture is a grave sin in a country where crimes are committed over misinterpretation of religion is a national sport. Women’s rights continue to be violated in all parts, honor killings are on the rise, daughters are murdered for simply being on the phone with someone from the opposite gender. Let’s stay silent while mullahs collude and corrupt the essence of Islam.


“I’ll accept incest soon.”


I won’t even justify this with a response. Naazgul, you are one sick individual.

“Those who expose me are ISI agents.”


Rebuttal: On the contrary, we accept and entertain intellectual debate because unlike fascist mindless drones, the ‘libtards’ aren’t insecure of things that we feel strongly about. We aren’t afraid of your chatter and we are least bothered by what you think you’re ‘exposing’. We don’t live in fear of you, dear madam. We will speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves and we’ll do so freely.

I hope this helps clear the cloud of judgment but I would definitely not count on it.

Cover Image via: Naazgul Baloch

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